The action and effect of promoting is known as promotion. The term, from the Latin word promoter, is used to name the impulse of a process or a thing; to the improvement of the conditions of something; and the activities carried out with the intention to publicize a product or from increase your marketing.

Sale promotionSale, meanwhile, is the action and effect of selling. This verb refers to transferring the property of something to another person after payment of an agreed price. Sales are both the operations and the quantity of things sold.

The notion of Sale promotion, therefore, it is linked to the bells whose objective is to promote the commercialization of certain products or services. Through these promotions, companies try to position a product on the market and capture the interest of consumers. It is likely that, if the consumer takes advantage of the promotion, buys the product under special conditions (with a special price, in a 2 × 1 package, etc.) and he likes it, he will continue to buy it later even when the promotion does not exist.

It is important to be clear that sales promotion is an action that has the following hallmarks:
• It has very clear objectives, such as increasing the demand for a specific product in the market or increasing the presence of the brand as well as supporting the advertising of an article in a place.
• No less important is that it also has limits, both in terms of products and the time for carrying out the relevant action or actions.
• It should also be noted that the results it allows to achieve are identified as being almost immediate. Hence, at the same time, it can be said that they are ephemeral.

It should not be overlooked either that every sales promotion can have two recipients:
• Traders and distributors. Hence, measures are carried out to increase the traffic of the product and the brand in their businesses, to increase the number of orders …
• Final consumers. In this case, the sales promotion will be in charge of letting them know about the launch of new items, increasing their purchases, stimulating the sales of those products …

Sales promotion may have other objectives in addition to encourage sales in the short term and of increase market share in the long term. A promotion can help break customer loyalty with competitors, break seasonality, or try a new product, for example.

The discounts, the free samples, the coupons, the refunds, the awards, the advertising gifts and the contests are some of the tools that can be used in a sales promotion.

However, don’t forget to refer to other very useful sales promotion tools either. These include the following:
• Advertising specialties, these are articles that have the name of the brand, the product or the business in question engraved and that are given to the consumer. This would be the case of keychains, pens, t-shirts …
• Rewards to the regular customer, which will be translated into discounts or gifts.