Saccharide it’s a finished which comes from french saccharide, in turn derived from Latin sacchărum (translatable as “sugar”). This Latin word, meanwhile, comes from the Greek sakcharon.

SaccharideA saccharide it’s a carbohydrate. Carbohydrate and glucid They are also synonyms that make it possible to refer to the same type of substance.

Saccharides, carbohydrates, carbohydrates or carbohydrates are biomolecules: that is, molecules that constitute a living being. These biomolecules are formed with atoms of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, among other elements.

The most important function of saccharides is to provide Energy to be alive. This is possible thanks to a process of oxidation: when these biomolecules oxidize, they release the energy they stored.

According to their complexity, saccharides are classified in different ways. The simplest saccharides are monosaccharides, which cannot be decomposed into simpler compounds by hydrolysis (that is, by the intervention of water).

The union of two saccharides is called disaccharide. If three to nine monosaccharides join together, a oligosaccharide. When the amount of monosaccharides that meet is greater, meanwhile, we speak of polysaccharides.

The glucose and the fructose they are monosaccharides. Among the disaccharides we find the lactose Yet the saccharose, while among the oligosaccharides we can mention the raffinose Yet the panosa. As for the group of polysaccharides, it is made up of compounds such as cellulose and the starch. All these elements, in short, are saccharides of different kinds.