Govern it’s a verb which has its etymological origin in the Latin word regĕre, which can be translated as “doing the work of a king” .. The term refers to the action of run, administer, arrange, manage or decree.

GovernFor example: “The elected president will be in charge of governing the destiny of the country for the next four years”, “The law recently approved by legislators will take effect once it is published in the Official Gazette”, “The authorities reported that the winter schedule in public transport has already begun to rule”.

It is common for governing to be used with reference to the exercise of power by a ruler or from an authority. In fact, the individual who governs is often referred to as ruler, a concept that can be used as a synonym for Mayor, Mayor or councilor.

Who governs a organization, makes the most important decisions regarding its operation, structure, etc. The owner of a company, to cite one possibility, governs its existence through the hiring and firing of employees, investments, the design of corporate strategies and other provisions.

When any person can properly govern a body, government or institution that has been determined, it is established that they must follow a decalogue that is based on the following maxims:
-When you have to carry out reforms, you should think about the common good and not that of a few.
-When you want to carry out new projects and plans, you must prepare them properly, making them known to all the parties involved.
-Your objective has to be to facilitate and improve people’s lives.
-You must make proper use of the resources you have and not squander them without rhyme or reason.
-At all times, as a councilor you must be upright and professional, but you must also show empathy with the needs and problems of others.
-Under no circumstances should you use your position to enrich yourself on a personal level and to benefit the people in your family or closest circle.
-You must be tolerant and respectful of others.
-You have to listen to those who ask for your help.
-When a problem arises, you must solve it in the best possible way, using the necessary resources and avoiding collateral damage.

Within the field of television, cinema and entertainment there is also the figure of the councilor. However, in this case its function is none other than to make the pertinent indications so that the show follows the established project and can be undertaken in the most beneficial way possible for the public.

The idea of ​​ruling can also refer to the validity or implementation of something. A regulation begins to govern when it is sanctioned and its precepts begin to have validity (that is, when they are already applied). The directors of a club football may announce in March that, as of April 1st, Only members who pay an additional amount to the quota will be able to attend the stadium. Thus, despite the announcement made in March, the new rule will only take effect the following month.