Before going fully into the meaning of the term rubber, we are going to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from vulgar Latin, specifically from “gumma” which, in turn, comes from the Greek “kommi”, which can be translated as “rubber” or “resin”.

Ours idiom the concept came as eraser, as one names a highly viscous substance obtained from various plants.

EraserThe gum, once dry, is insoluble in alcohol and soluble in water. Just mixed with water it can be used as glue due to its high molecular weight. The characteristics of the rubber, however, depend on its source and the processes that are applied to it.

The notion also has other uses according to the context. Rubber is called Rubber, a latex produced by various plant species. A rubber, therefore, can be a elastic band made with elastic rubber that is used to get various elements to stick together. By example: “Please give me those bills that are attached with a rubber band”, “Don’t you have a rubber to close the package?”, “I put together several chocolates with a gummy and I gave them to my girlfriend”.

A eraser, meanwhile, it is an element that serves to eliminate what is written with ink or with a pencil: “I got confused, I need an eraser”, “Luckily I had an eraser and I was able to correct the mistakes”, “Mom, buy me a new eraser: I think I lost the one I had”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as eva rubber, which is a material that is widely used within the field of crafts. Specifically, it is a thermoplastic material, which is made from vinyl acetate and ethylene, and which has among its advantages that it can be easily painted, molded and even glued with silicone.

It also stands out from this material that it can be easily washed, that it is resistant to water, that it can be recycled, that it can be molded using heat and that it is even non-toxic.

Precisely for all this, it is used very frequently to make all kinds of handicraft items such as dolls, bags, flowers … It is also used to make models of buildings, figures of animals or fictional characters …

The chewing gum or gum is a tablet flavored and flavored that is chewed but not swallowed: “I love strawberry gum”, “As a kid they never bought me chewing gum”, “I sat on a chewing gum and I can’t get it out of my pants”.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that in the kitchen we talk about xanthan gum, which is obtained from the fermentation of cornstarch and is used to thicken any recipe that is being prepared. It has the advantage that it neither gives flavor nor does it add color.

Yet tireFinally, it can also be called rubber: “I was driving on the road and a front tire punctured me”, “I have to inflate the tires before starting the trip”, “My brother-in-law had the aid rubber stolen”.