RoundaboutThe French word gloriette came to our idiom What roundabout. This term has several uses according to the context.

A gazebo can be a circular square in which different roads lead (such as streets, avenues, etc.). By extension, a roundabout is often called a roundabout. For instance: “Two vehicles collided in the roundabout next to the Government House”, “To get to the museum, you must continue along this street until the roundabout and then turn left”, “The municipality announced that it will build a roundabout to organize traffic in the western part of the city”.

On the arduous path to obtaining a driver’s license, which in countries like Spain can entail a considerable economic investment between practical classes and tuition, students are seldom aware that one of their worst enemies on public roads will not be drivers. drunk drivers or traffic signs, but roundabouts. Yes you are innocent surfaces circulars that can confuse even pedestrians who make the mistake of passing through them to cross the street.

The gazebo has a good goal: order the circulation of vehicles in areas where more than two streets converge. However, as easy as it is to define in a nutshell, the rules it carries are quite difficult for beginners to follow, especially in times of high stress, such as during the driving test.

On the other hand, given that the demands of the exams have increased a lot in the last years, it is common that many veterans of the steering wheel do not know these rules. One of the key words when talking about roundabouts is the priority: when entering one of these spaces, we must always give way to drivers who have entered before. This concept is also mentioned as preference.

Another of the fundamental points is the Exit of a gazebo. We must bear in mind that you should not leave from the lane interior, but a few seconds before we must locate ourselves outside, the same one we use when joining the roundabout.

Crossing a roundabout in the middle of a straight path is neither suitable nor safe. Sure, it can save us a minute, but perhaps we will leave our lives on it and, even more unfair, that of a third party. The rush should be left at home; on the highway calm should reign.

RoundaboutThe light flashing is one of the tools that we must use to indicate to other drivers that we are about to leave the roundabout, or to announce a lane change within it. Needless to say, we must turn it off in other cases.

A gazebo is also called a arbor: a circular space of a yard that is usually fenced and adorned with vines or vines. To small square with a gazebo, meanwhile, is also known as a gazebo: “Let’s get some air in the gazebo”, “When the weather is nice, I enjoy reading romance novels in the gazebo”, “Grandpa was sitting in the gazebo all afternoon”.

Another use of the gazebo is associated with a open pavilion or kiosk: “Tomorrow there will be a concert with free admission in the gazebo of the park”, “The activists gathered in a roundabout and, with a loudspeaker, they broadcast their proclamations in favor of the environment”, “The injured man walked a few steps and finally collapsed in the gazebo”.

In the condition of New mexico (United States), Roundabout it is a small town with less than 500 inhabitants. The Cuban city of Manzanillo, for its part, presents a structure known as The Glorieta de Manzanillo, Moorish style.