RoundRound is that which has the shape of circle (circumference). Things with the appearance or design of sphere or similar, therefore, they are circles. For example: “I want to sell the rectangular dining room table and buy a round one to save space”, “The round chocolates are filled with mint cream; the squares, of coffee liqueur “, “The architect was surprised to present the plans for the development of a round building”.

What is well done, it is specified faultlessly or contributes big benefits also receives the qualifier of round. In this sense, a “round business” It is the one that generates significant profits. Yes one person invest 200 dollars in a microenterprise and generates income from $ 5,000, will have made a “round business”.

Round, on the other hand, can be used to name a area of great amplitude that covers different places. The expression “Around”In this sense, it mentions what surrounds something: “The explosion was heard twenty blocks around”, “The Police searched an area three kilometers around the scene, but found no clue”.

In the field of math, the term round can refer to a number that has been rounded. This technique is used to obtain a clearer or easier to use number in a given operation, by eliminating a certain number of decimal digits, or all of them, so that the result is a whole number.

The specific concept of round number, for its part, is mathematically defined as one that has a high amount of factors compared to your neighbors. For example, the number 24 is factored as 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 (4 factors), while: 27 has three; 21, 22, 25 and 26 have two; 23 has only one factor. For this reason, it is correct to consider 24 as a round number.

RoundInformally, a round number is an integer that ends in one or more zeros; in other words, a multiple of any power of 10. It should be noted that some multiples 5’s are also usually considered round numbers, as is the case with 45, 55, or 65, as opposed to 43, 51, or 67, to name a few examples. For the observer, multiples of 5 are friendlier, since they only return two possible units: 0 and 5.

In contrast to a fraction or a number with decimals, however, any integer is taken as round. Similarly, a number that in a system It is not round, it can be in another; for example: 1024 is not a round number in the decimal system, but it is in binary or hexadecimal.

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