The term room that now occupies us, we can determine that etymologically speaking it comes from Germanic. Thus, it is established that it emanates from “salt”, a word used to refer to those buildings that only have one room.

Room is the main room of a home or, in a public building, a large room. For example: “We were talking for hours in the living room”, “The artist is already in the conference room to talk about his new work”, “I like the new decorations that you show in the room, they are very modern”.

RoomThere are several environments of a living place or other buildings known as rooms. The living room, also known as a living room or living room, is the space for leisure activities (such as watching television or reading) and receiving visitors: “Let’s go to the living room to play chess”, “I want to buy a new stereo for the living room”.

Outside of what would be the scope of the home, we have to state that room is a word used to refer to places in cities and towns where the public can not only have a drink but also enjoy live music, of magic shows or theatrical performances.

In the case of Madrid, there are mythical rooms that have become a fundamental part of the cultural life of the Spanish capital. This would be the case, for example, of the Sala Clamores, the Sala Caracol or the Sala Galileo Galilei. The latter has become one of the most important establishments of Madrid’s nightlife since since its opening in 1985, it has hosted artists of the stature of Antonio Vega, Pancho Céspedes, El Cigala or the humorous duo “Faemino and tired”.

A reading room, on the other hand, it is a space that allows you to consult documents or books within a file, a library or a documentation center. In these rooms the aim is to maintain silence so that there is nothing to distract from the reading: “If you are looking for Dr. Fiottobelli, you will find him in the reading room”, “Silence, please, you can’t make a fuss in the reading room”.

In a building, a waiting room it is the place where people stand or sit until they are received or their complaints are addressed. There are waiting rooms at airports, medical offices, and government offices: “Fortunately, there is air conditioning in the waiting room”, “Gloswick station added new seating to the waiting room”.

In the same way, there are those known as exhibition halls. These are spaces destined, in buildings of various kinds, to host samples of paintings, sculptures, photographs or any other type of art manifestation.

We should also highlight the existence of so-called VIP rooms. They are spaces equipped in the best possible way so that business travelers can make their waits more comfortably.

The machine room houses boilers, compressors, generators and other devices that allow a ship to operate. It is common for these rooms to have different compartments: “A fire in the engine room led to the sinking of the cruise ship”.