A rewrite is he result of rewriting, an action consisting of write again over a theme but now from a different approach. It can also be about writing something again, although with modifications from the original text.

RewritingFor example: “The editor did not approve my note, although it gave me time until next Tuesday to submit a rewrite”, “I usually spend more effort on rewriting than on the original development of a story”, “The teacher congratulated me for the rewriting since I managed to solve all the errors that the first composition had”.

A person you can decide to rewrite a text because he was not satisfied with the first version. This is what usually happens with writers and journalists once they reread what they wrote.

In the field of cinema and television, it is common for rewriting to take center stage, since, on many occasions and for different situations, the need to proceed to rewrite the script of a film or series is established. This process will be based on the following pillars:
-In the event that the script is too long, the number of scenes will be reduced. Specifically, it is considered that the usual thing is that those are about 132, approximately.
– As far as possible, it is necessary to avoid establishing prologues and epilogues that do not add anything to the story and that are perfectly replaceable.
-You have to look closely at the established subplots because they may be left over.
-In the rewriting process it is also vital to proceed to erase scenes that come to reiterate the same aspect as others so they are totally dispensable.
-It is also vital to check scene by scene to see that they contribute something important to the plot, that they are not superfluous and that they are essential for the story to develop in the proper way.
-The dialogues are other aspects that must be ironed out in any rewriting process. The experts in the field establish that they must be understandable, direct and without superfluous elements that do not contribute anything.
-It is also necessary that special care be taken to see that each and every one of the elements of the script manage to give rhythm to the story and do not cause interest to wane.

Another possibility is that the rewriting is ordered by someone who is, in some way, in a position of superiority to the writer: a editor, a teacher, etc. In this way, the editor of a magazine can ask a chronicler to rewrite an article when he considers that it does not comply with the standards of style of the medium in question.

A teacher of LanguageOn the other hand, you can ask a student to rewrite a composition due to its numerous spelling errors. The student You will have to take the text again and, with the help of a dictionary, check that the writing is correct.

Another possibility is for a scientist to rewrite a theory given the evidence provided by new data that, when the initial theory was postulated, were unknown.