RevisionRevision, from Latin review, is the act of checking. East verb refers to submitting something to exam or to see carefully and carefully. For instance: “Tomorrow I will dedicate myself to reviewing the accounts”, “This afternoon I took the car to the technical review”, “Dr. McTalibur, I think we will have to do a review of the clauses of the agreement”.

There are different types of review depending on the area in question. In the homeMany times we review things informally, without a prior plan, regulation or statute for the presentation of the results. A person You can check your bathroom faucet if you notice a leak, or you can check a closet when you can’t find your ID.

It is known as literary review to the report that analyzes and discusses a text, usually of a scientific nature. This review is usually developed as part of a proposal for a thesis.

The Peer Review, on the other hand, it is a method that allows to validate written works. It consists of a number of authors with the same rank as the author reviewing the writing and making corrections or annotations. This process may be necessary for the text to be admitted in a scientific publication, for example.

The history review (historical revisionism) is a current that seeks to reinterpret the history. It is usual that it develops from the appearance of new data or a new analysis, although some also use the concept in a pejorative way to refer to the manipulation of history with certain interests.

Video game review

RevisionAlso know as analysis, video game review is one of the fundamental tasks of journalists in this field, usually a few weeks before the launch of a title, to inform readers about its most outstanding characteristics, its strengths and its shortcomings.

Until a few years ago, it was a job with a level of formality and a objectivity that today are scarce, especially since current trends are inclined towards light and casual reading, as long as the preferred option does not exist: the video review.

However, analyzing a video game requires extensive knowledge and extensive experience as a player, in order to be able to clearly and effectively express to readers their own feelings during the game session. While a journalist is not expected to have as deep a technical background as the developers of the titles they review, a foundation always helps generate more sensible opinions and avoid critics unfair.

One of the points that is usually judged in a review is the graphic section; The objective is to determine the quality of the design of the characters, their animations, the settings and the graphical interface, as well as any visual element, to communicate to the public if it meets the standards of its time.

The music and the sound are two other aspects of great importance for a video game: when a console is turned off, the graphics disappear and the controller no longer responds, but it is possible to continue humming and whistling the melodies that cling to our memory to accompany us, in many cases, throughout life.

On the other hand is the playability, an essential point of any review and, for many, the most important. A game can have a poor graphic presentation and little memorable music, but if its controls and the objectives it raises are solid and attractive, then it can become a real addiction, overshadowing more than one production of quality cinematographic.