ReunionReunion is the result of rediscover or rediscover (find again, recover something that was lost). It can be something physical (material) or symbolic, according to the context.

For instance: “After fourteen years of involuntary separation, the reunion between father and son took place thanks to a television program”, “The reunion between the French president and the US president took place within the framework of a new meeting of the Group of 20 “, “The final of the tournament could mark the reunion of both selected after the remembered match of 1986”.

For there to be a reunion, there must first be some kind of separation or distancing. Suppose two youngsters are raised together in Uruguay until one of them, when he turns 14, emigrates with his family to Germany. Ten years later, he returns to his Earth natal and meets again with his childhood friend. Then there is the reunion of both.

The reunion does not have to occur voluntarily, or at least not as a result of the will of all the parties involved. For one thing, it can occur simply by chance, a day in which everyone is in the same geographical point at the same time; This, in turn, can lead to a happy, tense or sad moment, among other possibilities, depending on the wishes that each one has to see others.

But, in addition to the case in which all the individuals who have stopped seeing each other try to bring about the reunion, there is also the possibility that one of them will do everything possible to avoid it or simply ignore the situation and stand aside. A reunion in which not everyone is happy to see each other it can be very unpleasant and accentuate the reasons that caused the distancing in the first moment, or become an unexpected opportunity to resolve the differences and restore the relationship.

ReunionTwo selected basketball players (basketball), meanwhile, will meet each time they meet in a match. If it is teams that belong to different continents, it is likely that they will only cross each other sporadically, in some World Cup or in the Olympic Games. Thus the reunions will not be frequent.

Work in the army It is one of the most sacrificed, not only for those who carry it out but also for their loved ones, who in many cases must await their return knowing that their lives are in danger and without being able to do anything to prevent or protect them. The reunions between soldiers and their families are among the most emotional scenes in human life, and many of them can be seen on the most popular social networks.

The term reunion is also often used when a band of music rejoins to record an album or to perform live. This is very common in groups that began their careers in the 90s, as many of them lacked distinctive personality and songs, and focused on passing success based on the physical beauty of their members. In general, these groups were composed only of boys or girls and their music is often classified as “commercial”, to distinguish it from that which arises as a result of deep and genuine work.

A person who wants to rediscover herself, finally, will be the one who wants to get back in touch with some quality or hobby that she left aside. There are people who one fine day begin to feel a certain dissatisfaction with their existence and then embark on a process of inner search to rediscover what previously gave them happiness.