Repose is he act and consequence of resting. It is important to know that it has its etymological origin in Latin, specifically in the verb “repausare”, which can be translated as “stopping to take a break” and that it is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts: the prefix “re-” and “pause”, which means “pause”.

East verb has several uses: it can refer to the fhigh mobility or activity, to work interruption or to break. For instance: “The doctor told me to rest for two days before resuming my activities”, “After about three hours of rest, the explorers resumed their march”, “For a player to take the free kick, the ball must be at rest”.

ReposeTypically, rest is associated with a pause in the obligations or in activities. If an athlete trains one hour a day but, due to an injury, must suspend his training for three days, it can be said that on those days he will rest.

Rest is usually a indication What do doctors give so that a person recover from an illness or disease. This means that, on rest days, the patient must remain at home, preferably lying down and resting. Rest helps the individual regain his strength and not expose himself to other disorders due to the loss of defenses linked to discomfort. Rest, in some cases, also prevents the subject from infecting another.

In the case of pregnant women, there are many times that doctors establish a rest time for them. As a general rule, this is usually the case when they have a risky gestation period that can lead them to lose the baby or when they face other complications such as suffering from stress or anxiety.

In these circumstances, they should listen to the doctor and carry out rest. In order to bear it in the best possible way, it is essential that they think at all times that it is for the good of the child, that they have the support and affection of their loved ones, that they take it as a well-deserved rest and as the way to gain strength for when the little one arrives or to take the opportunity to do things that they had neglected and that they like (watching movies, listening to music, enjoying a good book, watching television, being able to sleep as much as they want…).

In the field of physical, is defined as rest when condition that matter adopts when a body lacks movement. It may be a relative rest (the body that does not move is on another that does have movement) or a absolute rest (the body does not move in a space that is also static).

We cannot forget that there is a well-known phrase that takes the term at hand as its central axis. It is the one that says thus: “the woman is the warrior’s rest.” There are many theories about its meaning, however, the oldest establishes that it is a reference to the Middle Ages, because at that time the warriors when they were not fighting went to brothels to forget about the fight and “relax” with prostitutes.