ResolanaThe term resolana can be used to name the place that allows stand under the sun’s rays already safeguard of wind. For instance: “The plant must be located in the resolana to develop without problems”, Where will there be resolana? I want to rest a bit “, “We will stay in the sun until the sun goes down”.

It is worth mentioning that the first meaning that we find in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy indicates that the word resolana is an adjective, and that it can also be used as a noun. In this way, it serves to indicate that a place is ideal for sunbathing without the inconvenience of the wind, as can be seen in the following example sentences: «They hid in a corner resolano, where they could resist without problem until night fell », “At noon there is no better location than the hotel’s sunny gallery, since the temperature can easily exceed 35 °”.

In some countries, the notion of resolana is used to name the reverberation or reflection of sunlight. In this sense, the resolana can appear when there are clouds that prevent the direct arrival of light from the Sun: “I’m going to look for my sunglasses since the glare prevents me from seeing clearly”, “Lying on the sand under the sun, drinking a daiquiri, Mustafa felt happy”, “The resolana entered through the window and woke up the baby, who was sleeping in his crib”.

The use of the word reverberation seems strange in this context, since its most common definition refers to a phenomenon sound that takes place when a sound can be perceived for a time after being emitted; This can be seen in theaters prepared for the performance of musical concerts, since reverberation is one of the elements that academic artists evaluate the most before making the decision to go on stage.

ResolanaIt is known as sun reverberation, for its part, to the reflection diffuse that is produced from the heat or light that comes from the sun, and this is also called resol; in this way the term resolana is interpreted in countries such as Cuba and Mexico. The latter also speaks of resolana to describe the resistance, the period after noon in which the heat is more difficult to bear, the heat caused by the reverberation of the sun, O well the place where this heat is especially noticeable.

Resolana can also be associated with hot that generates the reflection of the sun: “At this time of year, the resolana feels very strong”, “The noon wind gave me a headache”, “I can not stand this resolana anymore, I want to drink something fresh”.

As can be seen, resolana is a term that allows describing different situations and places, some of which are pleasant or tempting for humans (when it describes the place where you can sunbathe without the wind blowing away all your belongings and throw sand on us), and others that cause various annoyances (such as heat that is very difficult to bear and from which it is not easy to escape, as well as a reflection of the light sun that can cause headaches as it seems to seep everywhere).

Finally, Resolana is the name of various places, commercial establishments and artistic works. There is a song with music by Eduardo Falú and letter of Jaime Davalos, titled “Resolana”, which expresses in a stanza: “Let the tenderness remain of me / as it resounds under the skin”. Resolana, on the other hand, is a street of Seville, located in the neighborhood of San Gil; in it is the famous Macarena Gate.