ResignationResignation it is a term with several uses. It may be the passive acceptance of a backhand or a trouble. For instance: “With resignation, the boy took his bag and left the house”, “The player accepted with resignation the measure taken by the coach”, “After such a catastrophe, there is only room for resignation”.

When a person resigns, accepts a situation and stop fighting her or to seek solutions regarding the problem that arises. Resignation usually appears when something is inevitable or when the subject he’s tired of fighting.

A men You may be heartbroken over the death of your child and feel great anger at the fact, which you consider unfair. Beyond the fact that the wound will never close, the subject must mourn the loss and accept reality with resignation, since there is nothing he can do to modify it and recover the life of his son.

Take the case of the player of soccer that he is separated from the squad by decision of the technical director, who assigns his decision to the repeated acts of indiscipline of the first. The athlete can try to convince the coach that he will not commit a foul again and can beg him to reverse the sanction, although, if the coach is inflexible, he will have no choice but to abide by the decision with resignation and continue with his profession.

It should be noted that many times a distinction is made between resignation and acceptance, especially in the field of religion. According to certain positions, resignation is linked to frustration and paralysis, while acceptance is associated with an understanding and a starting point for change.

ResignationThis distinction can also be seen in relation to vocational issues, one of the most delicate areas of human life. As well as our tastes in general, we do not choose our vocation; in fact, most people never get to know yours, for different reasons. For those who reach the point of knowing what they want to dedicate the rest of their life to, things are not always easy: physical handicaps, accidents in the middle of a project, lack of confidence at harmful levels or even being born in the wrong place are some of the obstacles that can arise between an individual and his vocation.

Let’s take the acquaintance accident who suffered in the vocal cords Julie Andrews, the actress and singer of British origin who starred in films such as «Mary Poppins«,«The Sound of Music»(Known as«Smiles and tears“Or”The rebellious novice“) Y “Victor victoria«; After a routine operation on his throat, he lost control of his voice forever, to the point of no longer being able to make use of its full length and the attributes that had earned him so much fame. A singer with lyrical training and an instrument like no other lost the possibility of singing for the rest of her life. In this case the acceptance does not take place, since it is a real misfortune; instead, Andrews had to accept the reality with resignation and redirect his career.

On the other hand, far from accidents, a person who feels a deep passion for drawing and animation may have to to accept his lack of artistic gifts and decide, instead, to dedicate himself to another field. Such was the case of the acclaimed Edwin Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar and current president of said company and Walt Disney Animation Studios, who opted for computer science. In his decades of practice, Catmull has made invaluable contributions to the field of computer graphics, including the invention of the Z-Buffer, and the discovery of algorithms for anti-aliasing Y subdivision of surfaces.