ResidentResident is the one who resides. The term comes from the Latin residens and lets you name the person that live in a certain space and to the employee or official who lives in the place where he has his job or position.

For instance: “The actor, a resident of this neighborhood for twenty years, took to the streets to demonstrate against the closure of the museum”, “Three tourists and a resident died yesterday in Calcutta when a building collapsed in the center “, “The noise of the protesters annoys residents who just want to rest”.

Students who spend time in residences university they are also called residents. For various reasons, many young people need the comfort offered by these centers, since they are close to the faculties. Among the advantages we can highlight the price, which is usually lower than the rest of the market; however, they only offer accommodation to accredited students.

A resident doctor, on the other hand, is the specialist who, according to certain regulations, provides his services exclusively in a hospital center: “Dr. Gómez, resident doctor of the hospital, is taking care of the singer’s care”, “I’m going to live in Spain: they hired me as a resident doctor in a hospital in Salamanca”.

A resident minister is a diplomatic agent who has a rank immediately below that of Minister plenipotentiary.

Resident, on the other hand, is the nickname of René Pérez Joglar, singer of the Puerto Rican reggaeton group 13TH Street. His nickname comes from the identification that he had to give to a security guard every time he entered his house in an urbanization of Trujillo Alto.

Resident, born on February 23, 1978, is the son of the actress Grace’s Joglar Flower and a lawyer. With a Bachelor of Arts and one Master of Cinema, came to fame with the outbreak of reggaeton as a genre musical on Latin America and other parts of the world.

Resident card

ResidentThe resident card (also called home) is the document that, in many countries, is offered to immigrants to legalize their situation and allow them to stay in their new territory for a time. Although the procedure is not the same in all parts of the world, it usually requires the foreign person to present a series of certificates that provide the authorities with as much information as possible.

First, there is the passport, which must be in force and whose age must not exceed a certain limit, different in each country, but which generally revolves around a few months. This is the first complication that a person who wants to change country must face, since the renewal of the passport involves an investment of time and money.

It is important to note that the document national of the country of origin does not have any validity in destination; once abroad, the passport becomes the only proof of one’s identity.

Married people must also present a copy of their marriage certificate that has gone through the certification process required by the country of destiny. In this case, if there are linguistic differences between both territories, it is mandatory to carry out the relevant translation, which also affects the pocket of the interested party. In addition, as with the passport, it is common that an antiquity of less than one year is required.

Once the resident card is obtained, the peace of mind lasts only a few years; when it expires, the process needs to be repeated and, in many cases, the authorities They seek to demoralize immigrants, making them feel that the years they spent in the country do not count, that they represent a nuisance to the locals.

The card Resident represents, in short, the right to be treated with a certain kindness for a few years, after which smiles turn into threats of exile if a series of requirements are not met, however unfair or absurd they may seem .