ResetReset is an English term that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). In our language, the concept can be replaced by restart (start over).

Despite the existence of words in Spanish that can replace reset, the notion is frequently used in the field of computing and the technology. For instance: “Once the system update is finished, press the reset button”, “Every time the game crashes, you must press reset to make it start again”, “How do I reset this machine?”.

It is common that the idea of ​​reset is used to name the return to original conditions of a system. Take the case of a computer (computer). When we turn on the computer, the operating system starts with a certain configuration. If after executing various tasks we want to return to the initial state, we can turn off and turn on the computer or simply press the reset key to restart the machine.

In this sense, the reset button is usually used when a computer locks, locks, or ticks. In the event that a program fails and makes the computer unresponsive, you can press reset to restart the computer.

Although it is normal for computers to have a button to execute the reset function, not all have it, and to compensate for its absence it is possible to configure the power button from the BIOS, indicating that it behaves in different ways depending on the time it takes. user hold it down. Lips (Basic Input / Output System, which can be translated as basic input and output system), meanwhile, is an interface that we can access when we turn on the computer, before entering the operating system, to consult the components installed on the equipment and make various modifications to the general configuration, such as the minimum speed of the fans or the order in which they should be Start the discs.

ResetWhen performing a reset on the computer, it is important to note that all jobs that have not been properly saved are lost on the hard disk or some other non-volatile data storage medium, since until then they are in memory RAM, which is volatile. For this reason, it is not recommended to use this procedure unless there is no other way to resolve an error; for example, even if a program stops responding and negatively affects the fluidity of the system, it is normal that we can access a task manager that allows us to close it by force.

The video game consoles they also usually include a reset button. This key is very useful when a play locks up and stops responding to user commands.

On the other hand, the notion of reset can also refer to returning a device to the factory configuration, the one it had when the consumer bought it. This is possible, for example, with mobile phones (also called cell phones), which also offer the possibility of a simple restart similar to that of computers, which consists of turning off and on the equipment.

When is it necessary to return a mobile phone to factory settings? Actually, there are several reasons, one of them being the simple willingness to drastically clean the system, without having to uninstall the programs one by one, delete the contacts stored on the computer manually and correct any anomalies that have affected performance. However, it is recommended to take advantage of this function when the phone is not working properly and there is a possibility of a virus infection or malware residue. On the other hand, the reset is ideal to leave a device ready when reselling it.