Theme it is a notion with multiple meanings. In this case, we are interested in its meaning as the affair, the content wave proposition of a certain message, speech, post or event. Investigation, meanwhile, is the process and result of investigating: develop inquiries or experiments with the aim of discovering or confirming something.

Research topicA research topic, therefore, it is a matter which is constituted as a reason for inquiry. Scientists, political leaders, journalists and students, to name a few, often work with different research topics.

The spread of an epidemic, for example, it may be a research topic for a group of physicians and officials from the area of Health. The experts will try to investigate the causes of the epidemic and analyze how it spreads, with the aim of proposing measures to contain it. In this case, the research topic is studied to find a solution to a problem.

A journalist, for his part, can choose a alleged corruption case as a research topic for the development of a series of notes. This person You will need to study various documents to confirm whether, as you suspect, a certain politician was the protagonist of an act of corruption. If you confirm with reliable evidence that the crime occurred, you can capture the case in your journalistic work and also go to the Justice to report it.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the fact that there are three types of investigative reports. Specifically, there are those that fall within the so-called new journalism, those that revolve around current affairs and those that deal with issues from the past that have their importance or influence on the present.

The approach to the research topic depends on the context and the skills of the researcher. The usual thing is that the investigative work then leads to the presentation of conclusions that must be endorsed with tests or demonstrations.

At present, due to the interest of ordinary citizens in knowing in depth the reality of the world in which they live, television programs have become very fashionable, which they do is address different research topics that interesting.

A clear example of this is the “Research team” space. It is a Spanish television program, which is broadcast on the Antena 3 and La Sexta networks, in which what its journalists do is delve into topics that are of maximum current interest and that deserve to be analyzed in depth to find out what is there. behind them.

In 2011 it began its journey, presented by the journalist Gloria Serra, which means that it has been on the air for eight seasons and has become a reference space for many viewers. So far, such burning and significant issues have been addressed such as copper traffickers, the Dukan diet, the Ruiz Mateos family businesses, unsolved cases such as Marta del Castillo or Yeremi Vargas, the aluniceros, the clans. of drugs or insurance scammers, among others.