The French term requisition came to Castilian as requisition.A Gallic term that, in turn, derives from the Latin of “requisitio”, which comes from the verb “requirere” and which means “to ask” or “to inquire.”

According to the dictionary prepared by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the concept refers to control and seizure of food, animals and other resources that a Condition may decide during the course of a war to equip the armed forces.


The requisition is a faculty of the State in times of war.

How a requisition is established

The requisition implies that the Condition makes use of its sovereign faculty and, through a legal act of public Law, obliges people to temporarily transfer certain assets. It is understood that those resources donated by the population have social importance and are necessary for the public good.

A property, a vehicle, a machine or various services can be the subject of a requisition. This mechanism was used on numerous occasions throughout the history.

An internal request

The purchase requisition, on the other hand, is a document that allows the realization of a request for the acquisition of a product or service internally within an organization. This requisition is generated by a sector of the entity and sent to the Purchasing department, which is responsible for approving or rejecting the order.

Take the case of a business dedicated to the production of beer. The area of Marketing designs a promotional campaign and plans to distribute advertising brochures to inform about a new beer soon to be launched. After analyzing the costs, from the Marketing They submit a requisition for a high-quality printer to generate the brochures. The Purchasing department finally authorize the order and release the necessary funds.

Internal order

Within a company, a purchase requisition is an internal order to proceed with the acquisition of a service or product.

Difference between requisition and purchase order

It is important to know that, sometimes, within the business environment, what are purchase requisitions are often confused with purchase orders, and that is a mistake because they are different things. In order to understand the difference between the two, it is necessary to start from their meaning or function:

-Purchase requisitions are the ways in which a specific department of a company requests the financial department to be able to carry out a specific acquisition.
-The purchase orders are the orders through which the aforementioned financial department, once it has thoroughly studied the requisitions, approves and initiates the purchase that they had requested.

Coverage of a staff vacancy

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what has been called a requisition of personnel. This is a term that, in the same way, is used within the business environment and refers to the document that a department of a company makes to request that a vacancy that it has be filled.

In this document it is essential that a series of important data appear such as these: the department that performs it and its highest authority within it, the profile of the person required, the name of the position to be filled and the corresponding salary. , why is it necessary to fill that vacancy, if it is urgent …