RequisitionThe French term requisition came to our tongue What requisition. It is the process that an authority develops to to inspect a certain place or review a person’s belongings and so on to kidnap certain objects, whose possession is not allowed.

For instance: “The authorities three firearms and eight knives were seized from prison after a general search “, “The suspect’s vehicle was subjected to a search”, “The requisition of a transport company allowed the seizure of five kilograms of cocaine”.

Searches constitute a faculty of the Condition, in accordance with the provisions of the laws of each country. It is common for searches to be carried out at airports, train stations, bus terminals and seaports, to check the luggage that is transported and detect possible illegal merchandise.

Despite being a legal and reasonable measure, the search is often contaminated with racismespecially when a terrorist attack has taken place a short time before, as a result of bad relations between two countries or to make immigration as difficult as possible.

It is unfortunate to be in an airport and observe the difference in treatment that each person receives according to their country of origin, especially since the contempt begins with ethnic issues; certain physical features, the color of the skin or even the way of dressing are enough reason to arouse hatred and lead to a series of abuse against which little can be done in the middle of a trip abroad.

On the other hand, the authorities of each country cannot carry out complete searches of every person who enters and leaves; for this reason, they rely on the use of certain detectors to observe the inside of the suitcases without having to open them, and also to check that no one is wearing metal objects on their clothes.

In addition to technology, an essential element when deciding who to search more intensely is the intuition; Based on their experience and professional training, the people in charge of this task they must decide who to register and who to let pass, with the risk that this entails.

RequisitionA search carried out by the Airport PoliceTo cite one possibility, it may involve opening dozens of bags and suitcases and using specialized dogs to detect drugs. Thanks to this type of action, the security forces are in a position to fight against the drug trafficking.

Searches are also frequent in the jails. The authorities in charge of controlling the prisons periodically carry out inspections in the cells to confirm that the inmates do not have elements whose possession is prohibited in this context. Thanks to a search, it is possible that the members of the Penitentiary Service discover that a prisoner was hiding a weapon among his belongings. After detecting the weapon, the authorities take it away from the inmate and punish him for violating the rules.

However, the rules in the prison They go far beyond the mere prohibition of owning a weapon; Outside of the objects that may represent a risk to the physical integrity of the other prisoners and the security officers, there are others whose possession is not allowed inside the cells so that the establishment can carry out a greater control over the conduct of the inmates .

A clear example is clothing. Depending on the prison, each prisoner may have a certain amount of clothing in his cell in addition to the uniform assigned to him; Although going beyond that limit does not endanger your colleagues or authorities, it does constitute a violation of the basic rulesTherefore, if a situation of this type comes to light during a search, a sanction.