RepublicanRepublican is an adjective linked to the republic (a way of organizing a Condition). The concept is used, in its broadest sense, with reference to citizens who they live in a republic or regarding the defenders of this form of government.

Throughout the history, Republicans were defined as different political or social sectors. During the Spanish Civil War that developed between 1936 Y 1939, the republican side was the one that defended the Second Spanish Republic and he was fighting the right wing faction.

Spanish Republicans, with Soviet and other support countries, were opposed to the totalitarianism of the Franco regime. Although there were different currents within it, the Republican side was close to socialism and communism. These currents were the federalist, the unitary (also called centralist, and the independentistas.

The Unitary Republicans and the Federals were at odds; the ideology the latter placed the Republic at the level of local associations, so that citizens could participate in matters of public interest and thus decentralize power. The independentistas, for their part, defended the idea that the territories should be independent of the State in which they are circumscribed.

In United States, the Republican Party represents the most conservative sector of the society. Since the second half of XIX century, Republicans alternate in power with the democrats, more liberal and progressive position.

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald ford, Ronald reagan, George Bush Y George W. Bush were some of the presidents Republicans that the United States has had throughout its history.

Another name by which the American Republican Party is known is “The Old Big Party,” and it is about one of the two most prominent in the country, along with the aforementioned Democratic Party. It is worth mentioning that the latter belongs Barack Obama, the first president of African American descent. At the end of 2015, the Democratic Party held the majority in the senate and in the House of Representatives, despite the fact that its president was a Republican.

RepublicanRegarding the history of the Republican Loss, it all began in 1854, when the Whig Party, after a period in which its disintegration had taken place, despite having held second place in importance for two decades (until then, the Democratic Party had a greater weight).

It was at the end of March of that year that the Foundation of the Republican Party, in the context of a meeting in a small school in the State of Wisconsin, in which members of the Local Whig Committee participated, to agree on your transformation. It is worth mentioning that they chose the name “Republican” to honor the founder of the then now defunct “Democratic-Republican Party”, Thomas Jefferson.

East event resulted in the rest of the Whig Committees to follow suit, until it was possible to hold the State Conventions of the Republican Party, the first of which dates from July 6, in the State of Michigan. While most of its members descended of the Whig Party, some came from the Democrats, while the rest had belonged to others or were independent.

Germany, Portugal Y Venezuela are other countries that have political parties that define themselves as republicans and maintain the term in their name.

RepublicanFinally, it is the name of a neighborhood that is located in Assumption, the Paraguayan capital. Near 10,000 people live in this neighborhood, which occupies an area of 0.97 square kilometers.