ReproductionThe notion of reproduction It refers to process and consequence of reproducing. East verb, for its part, makes mention of produce something again, to make a copy or, in the case of living beings, to giving birth or generate another organism with the same biological characteristics.

For instance: “Bear in mind that the reproduction of this text in any medium is prohibited”, “This sculpture is actually a reproduction of the monument found in Paris”, “Rabbits are animals with a great reproducibility “.

It is known as reproduction of the sound the fact of making a sound wave recorded in some physical or digital medium sound again. The reproduction of a compact disc, in this sense, consists of emitting the songs recorded on its surface through a loudspeaker or speaker.

The sexual reproduction, for its part, consists of the generation of a descendant by combining the genes of two beings that belong to the same species. For this reproduction to be possible, a sexual relationship is required that allows fertilization.

In the case of Humans, sexual reproduction begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg. During nine months, gestation develops in the woman’s womb until the moment of delivery.

It is called Assisted reproduction, on the other hand, to the application of techniques and scientific knowledge to replace or facilitate the natural reproductive process. In this way, reproduction can even be achieved without a sexual relationship between a man and a woman.

ReproductionAt the other end is the asexual reproduction, which takes place when an adult living being causes the detachment of parts of its organism or of a cell, so that then a process of mitosis is carried out from which a new individual emerges, with all the characteristics of the first.

One of the most apparent differences between sexual and asexual reproduction is that in the latter the intervention of two individuals, nor of the nuclei of the gametes (the sex cells of multicellular organisms).

In the field of computer programming and software development, one of the most important departments within a company is that of testing, Anglicism derived from the term testing, which describes the process of testing a product in which potential mistakes so that there is a possibility to correct them before commercial launch.

The term reproduction also has a very important role within the process of testing a computer program (a group within which we can include, broadly speaking, computer applications or mobile devices, as well as video games for various platforms), since it refers to the possibility of intentionally causing a certain error so that the programmers can more easily find the source of it.

Throughout the communication that takes place between the programming and testing departments within a company of developing software, the first asks the second to include the steps for reproducing each bug whenever possible.

Suppose a tester (the person who works looking for such errors) informs a programmer that the main character of the game they are developing lose the ability to jump from one moment to the next; so that the correction of this error takes the shortest possible time, please attach the series of Steps you’ve identified for it to occur, which may include the scenario you were in, the last actions you had taken, and your energy level, for example.