The Latin word repercussion came to our tongue What repercussion.A verb that is the result of the sum of two elements: the prefix “re”, equivalent to “again” or “backwards”, and the verb “percutere”, which can be translated as “penetrate by hitting” or ” hitting insistently ”. Its about act and result of reverberating. This verb, for its part, can refer to spread, diffuse, reflect or bounce.

RepercussionThe concept is often used in reference to the transcendence or spread that gets an event. For instance: “The words of the Spanish president had a great repercussion in Bolivia”, “I thought that the concert would have a greater repercussion in the newspapers of the city”, “Fortunately, the scandal of the company had almost no repercussion”.

The repercussion of an event is usually linked to the arrival of the event in question to the media. When news is communicated to the society through the TV, the radio, the diaries and Internet, it is likely to get a lot of impact. On the other hand, a fact that is not covered by the media will have a limited impact.

Suppose a deputy is denounced for corruption. If the complaint reaches the media, it will have a great impact: this means that many people will find out about the news. On the other hand, if the press decides not to spread the news, people will not have the possibility to know what happened.

Currently the repercussion is closely associated with the Internet and more exactly with social networks. So much so that today many events and people become protagonists of today because they have been made known through the aforementioned networks. An example of this is the spectacular repercussions that certain politicians’ demonstrations have, which become the focus of comments and jokes in apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

Thus, for example, in recent weeks the gaffes of the acting president of the government in Spain, Mariano Rajoy, have become known throughout the world due to the dissemination that they are made in the aforementioned networks.

Such technological platforms influence the impact of events and people to such an extent that new concepts have emerged in this regard:
-This would be the case of viral, which is a word used to refer to photographs or videos that become authentic phenomena throughout the world, jumping to the media, because they are seen by millions of people.
-There is also what is known as “trending topic” which is the list that Twitter draws up with the issues that are being discussed the most at that time and are generating more comments around the world. Cases that are presented by means of the pertinent “hastag”.

The impact can also be on a smaller scale. Yes one person moves and leaves the neighborhood in which he lived for twenty years, the news is likely to have repercussions among those who were his neighbors, who will comment on the move among themselves. This type of novelty, however, is not usually picked up by the media since its social importance it is limited (it is of interest to few people).