Repair is a term that has different meanings according to context. It can be, for example, a conjugation of the verb repair (to fix, fix): “First I repair the heater and then I see the faucet, okay?”, “If this afternoon I repair the motorcycle, tomorrow we can go on a trip”, “I repair the printer and you take care of the monitor”.

In this case, we can say that the verb, to repair, derives from Latin. And it is the result of the sum of the prefix “re”, which means “backwards” or “again”, and the verb “stop”, which can be translated as “prepare”.

RepairThe action of repairing can be developed on material elements or symbolic issues. A man You can repair a car, working with tools on its engine (“I repair the car and then we go to the beach”), or repair a sentimental damage that he caused to his wife through hurtful words (“If I repair that offense with chocolates and flowers … would you forgive me?”).

A arrangement, a restoration or one reconstruction can also be named as qualms: “I think this team has no qualms”, “When this piece breaks, the product has no qualms”, “The repair took a long time but everything is solved”.

In this case, the usual thing is that to avoid having to go to repair any device that you have, the most normal thing is that it is subjected to preventive maintenance, which prevents it from breaking down in a forceful way and that, therefore, a considerable financial amount has to be disbursed.

Thus, for example, those who have a computer should know that the advisable thing to avoid suffering a major breakdown and, therefore, having to stop using it for a few days for a major repair is that, on a regular basis, a concrete maintenance. Specifically, we are referring to the removal of applications and files that do not serve, to empty it by passing content to an external hard drive, passing the antivirus to eliminate elements that may cause serious damage …

It is curious that the term reparo with that meaning also takes on a special role in one of the most important literary and cinematographic sagas of all time. We are referring to the one starring the young wizard Harry Potter. And it is that in it there is a famous spell called “Oculus Reparo” that the aforementioned character, and also his friend Hermione, has to use on more than one occasion to get his broken glasses to be in perfect condition again.

In another sense, an objection is a trouble, a restlessness or one doubt: “The player had no qualms about admitting that he received a call from a German club”, “I would like to visit that region of Africa, but I have some qualms about the security issue”, “I’m going to tell everything without any qualms”.

A note, a document, a notice or one admonition can acquire the name of repair in certain areas: “The opposition legislators presented a note of objection regarding the construction of the hotel in the mountains”, “Parliament approved a objection to the measure”.