RenewalRenewal has its origin in the Latin word renovatio. The term is associated with action and effect of renewing (to return something to its first condition, leave it as new, reestablish something that had been interrupted, replace an old thing with a new one of the same kind, replace something).

For instance: “The renovation of the theater will include the raising of new walls and the redecoration of all its spaces”, “We are going to invest money for the renewal of computer equipment”, “The club announced that next week it will begin to negotiate the renewal of the contract of the Colombian player “.

It is common for the notion of renewal to be applied to changes physical that are developed on a thing or on the substitution of something concrete. In this sense, renewing can be repainting the walls of a house or part with an old TV to buy a new one.

At present, given the importance of Internet In all areas, the term renewal is also applied to define the action of improving the appearance and functionality of a website, with the purpose of increasing its effectiveness and, in general, of obtaining greater economic income. In this case, its use does not differ in essence from the renovation of a traditional store, except for the methods and means used.

Some of the tips that experts usually give entrepreneurs to get a successful renewal of their websites are as follows:

* focus on improving positioning. Above all other aspects of a website, its presence in search engines is the most important, since it is the key to getting more visits;
* update the style and design following current trends, but without making decisions that overwhelm you or prevent users from understanding the true purpose of the site;
* if possible, rewrite all or a large part of the source code, to make sure to take advantage of new and more efficient programming techniques that improve the performance of the servers and the browsing experience;
* include widgets of the most relevant social networks of the moment to generate more movement and enjoy their undeniable Benefits at the time of disseminating information;
* Eliminate all the elements that are not absolutely necessary, such as buttons, links, text boxes and images, leaving a clean and clear design that facilitates navigation as much as possible.

RenewalRenewal, however, can be something symbolic or rather spiritual. There is talk of political renewal to refer to a set of changes that may be abstract and that would include the arrival of new leaders, a change in electoral laws and new measures of transparency, among other issues.

The concept can also be used to talk about a series of measures that are taken for the purpose of get rid of bad energies and of recover the desire to live, or to be strengthened to continue advancing in a productive and positive way. It can also mean the result of a very favorable experience, or of an event beyond our control, which benefits us considerably and generates in us a sensation renovation.

In this sense, it is common to use phrases such as “I feel renewed” or “this experience has renewed my expectations”, to express that the ideas and feelings that were had before that moment have been replaced by better ones, more positive.

It is known as urban renewal to changes in the building, equipment and infrastructure of a society that are carried out to adapt the city to new customs and social needs.

In the field of religion, the catholic charismatic renewal is a movement that promotes the recovery of Pentecostal experiences in the Catholic Church.