Remembrance is a concept that is used as a synonym for reminiscence, evocation or memory. Remembrance, therefore, is associated with remembering something that happened in the past and that is now part of the memory.

RemembranceFor instance: “Someday I will write something about that festival and publish my remembrance about it”, “The memories of the musician were very interesting for the public, who listened to him with great attention”, “The advanced age of the woman did not manage to erase her memories”.

The idea of ​​remembrance is also used to name the speech that is done in memory of something or someone, to the memorial plaque or that which serves to maintain a legacy in force.

Lately, for example, numerous remembrances have been published in homage to the figure of a famous Italian writer who died in this month of February 2016. We are referring to Umberto Eco, the creator of the historical and black novel “The name of the Rose”.

Suppose an act is held to honor a painter who died forty years ago. At the event, his granddaughter reads a remembrance that reviews various events in her grandfather’s life: when he was born, when he began to dedicate himself to life. painting, what are his most famous works, etc. Remembrance, in this case, allows us to review the trajectory of the honoree.

It can be said, on the other hand, that certain holidays or holidays are days of remembrance of important events. In many countries, the May 1 the International Workers Day. It is a day of remembrance of the struggle waged by workers from Chicago (United States) in 1886 to obtain improvements in working conditions. By extension, it is taken at May 1 as a necessary anniversary to remember all the workers ‘struggles and to highlight the importance of continuing to protect and increase workers’ rights.

Within the literary field, we cannot ignore that there are some works that use the term in question in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the novel “Remembranza”, which was published in 2002 and which belongs to the writer Danielle Steel. This is a reference within the romantic genre and presents the aforementioned book that is framed within it. Specifically, in this one he tells the story of a woman named Serena, who will see how her life takes a radical turn because of her husband’s mother.

The tricks of his mother-in-law will be the cause of his misfortune and even more so when the marriage ends in a tragic way. And that is because both the protagonist and her daughter are involved in a really complicated situation.

Likewise, we must not forget that in the music field there is a composition entitled “Remembranzas”. In the form of tango, it is presented with music by Mario Melfi and lyrics by Mario Basttistella. It is a beautiful heartbreak song that talks about how beautiful a relationship was and how time and circumstances turned it into pain.