Relay is a term in the English language that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). The concept can be translated as relay, relay, relief, post or retransmission.

RelayIn general, in our language the notion of relay is used to name the relay, a switch controlled by an electrical circuit that, through a electromagnet and of a coil, defines the closing or opening of other circuits.

The relay works as a switch, allowing or denying the passage of electric current. There are different types of relays: the reed relay, the alternating current relay, the electromechanical relay and the solid state relay are just some of them.

What a relay does is control a high voltage with a low voltage return. This means that the relay favors the control of a significant amount of electricity with a reduced amount operation. Thanks to its characteristics, it is possible to switch remotely and grant safety to various classes of devices that require electrical energy for their operation. The relay, through its contacts, closes or opens the electrical circuits, generating or interrupting the connection.

In the same way, it must be established that there is also what is known as an open relay. Under this name is an element, also called an open relay, which is related to the world of computing and the Internet. Specifically, it is an SMTP-type server that has been configured and programmed in such a way that any user on the Internet can use it to send e-mails through it.

In the early days of the Internet was when the aforementioned open relay was most successful, but over time and due to various circumstances, due to the fact that it favored the existence and expansion of both worms and spam in general, it has declined. Thus, there are many systems based on it that have been closed or that have already stopped being used.

It is known as frame relay, on the other hand, to a technique to transmit data and voice through the use of frames or frames (frames). The frame relay consists of the switching of packets with different frames for data that can be transmitted at high speed and interconnect networks of local area that are distanced.

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