Reinforcement is the action and consequence of reinforcing (fortify, invigorate, compensate or correct something). It may be what is used to provide you resistance or solidity to something.

ReinforcementFor instance: “This bed has two reinforcing legs so that it can bear more weight without inconvenience”, “I bought a wool jacket that has a leather reinforcement on the elbows”, “We are going to include a steel reinforcement in the device since the tests have not satisfied us”.

It is known as reinforcement, on the other hand, favor, complement or help: “The doctor prescribed a nutritional booster for me to gain weight”, “Before the exam, I am going to take some reinforcement classes to fix my knowledge”, “We have already had several meetings between all the employees, although tomorrow the manager will give a reinforcement talk so that there are no doubts about how the campaign will be implemented”.

Within the education sector, we have to state that there is what is called educational reinforcement. This we can establish that it is a measure that is carried out in favor of diversity, of the needs or difficulties that some students present, and that it is carried out in an ordinary way. Basically with it, what is sought is that the student or students who enjoy it can overcome the obstacles they have to improve their knowledge and skills with a specific subject.

In addition, the educational reinforcement is worth highlighting these other data of interest:
-It is taught by the teacher of the class attended by the minor or minors. However, it can also be carried out by another trained teacher.
-The reinforcement classes will focus on the same contents that are taught to the rest of the classmates who do not attend them and who share the classroom on a day-to-day basis. That is, they are those that occur at the general level.
-It must be stated that this type of reinforcement is developed in a timely manner.

In schools it is necessary to have reinforcement plans in order to help students to carry out their training. Plans that must be included, among many other things, from the criteria that will be used to select the contents that will be the objective of that reinforcement to the participation of the entire school community through the requirements that students must meet when be evaluated favorably.

In the field of psychology, a booster is a positive or negative stimulus that increases the chance that a certain behavior will be repeated or rejected in the future. When a child is awarded a chocolate for getting a good grade in school, the treat serves as reinforcement.

Finally, a reinforcement can be an individual who joins a team to contribute with your work to the general operation: “Real Madrid plans to hire a reinforcement when the transfer market opens”, “The hospital needs reinforcements to meet the growing demand”, “The company will add reinforcements to face the summer season”.