RehashRehash is the name given to a gastronomic preparation that consists of fry tomato, onion, garlic and other ingredients, usually in olive oil. The idea is that solid foods fall apart when they lose their liquid and that all the preparation becomes a sauce that can be added to a stew, a paella or another dish.

The rehash, also known as sofrito, is usually prepared over low heat in a pan. It is possible to season the ingredients with ground chili, peppers, cilantro, Salt Y Pepper. There are those who, instead of olive oil, use another type of oil (corn, sunflower, etc.) or lard (butter).

Depending on the diet and culinary knowledge, the rehash can be the basis of a wide and varied number of dishes. For example, to prepare the filling of a cake or savory patties, since the limit is set by your own creativity, it is very convenient start with a rehash and then add more specific ingredientssuch as textured soybeans, dried seaweed, or tofu.

In the case of paella, it should be mentioned that there are several recipes according to the region and the customs of each family. Broadly speaking, however, the rehash is usually the first cooking step, since it is in this kind of sauce that the raw rice is added to simmer. Although some people prefer to start cooking rice separately, it is very important that much of this process is done in conjunction with the rest of the ingredients so that infuse each other with flavor.

A basic tip so that the refrito is tasty and well cooked is to give each ingredient its time to begin to cook and soften before adding the next. For this, there is a little trick, which consists of ordering the vegetables from the hardest to the softest, or the one that takes the longest to cook to the least, and always respect this order when it comes to cooking. For example, some people start with the carrot, then add the bell pepper, the onion, and finally the eggplant; if there are mushrooms, it is advisable to add them almost at the beginning, while the mushrooms can go last.

RehashAlthough it is a simple procedure, many people find it quite tedious and difficult to perform successfully, as they do not have the patience to take care that it does not pass or that the ingredients do not burn and adhere to the pan. That is why it is advisable to establish and respect an order, always keep the fire at a temperature mean and constantly monitor; a well-done stir-fry is one in which all the vegetables have been combined in a thick sauce, and for this it is essential to stir it very often during cooking.

In another sense, a rehash is something that is formed from scraps of things already used. The most common use of the notion is used with reference to the television program, construction site of theater or publication that is created by combining excerpts from previous editions or broadcasts.

An example of rehashing occurs when in a TV series, characters “Remember” events that starred in the past. In this way, the viewer observes the repetition of fragments of programs already issued where “Occurred” such events.

Suppose that, in the Chapter 150 of a Serie, the main character remembers when he got married (event broadcast in the Chapter 32), had a son (Chapter 41), got divorced (Chapter 72) and remarried (Chapter 125). The Chapter 150, therefore, it will be a rehash of the chapters 32, 41, 72 Y 125.