The concept of regular it has two different etymological roots. This word, experts say, can come from Latin I will regulate and make mention of the act of measure or make adjustments to a certain thing either through a deduction process or by comparing two or more items, establish order in the face of a specific situation or thing, make adjustments to optimize the operation of a device or system or establish the rules to which an object or individual must adapt.

RegularTo give some examples: “I believe that the State should make an effort to regulate the performance of these types of companies”, “We have to regulate the operation of the boiler to avoid problems in the winter”, “I do not understand why the authorities do not regulate the traffic”, “The chief said that he will be in charge of regulating the armed groups to avoid conflicts.”.

Another etymological root of regular comes from regulāris. In this case, the notion is related to that which adapts and is subject to certain regulations. The regular, as you know, gives an idea of ​​uniformity and does not show great alterations or variations: “This is a regular machine, which fulfills similar functions to the rest of those that can currently be found in the local market”, “Floods have become a regular problem in this city”.

Thus, starting from this meaning, we can establish that there are so-called regular verbs. These are the ones that are characterized by the fact that they strictly comply with the norms and models established for the conjugation to which they belong.

Regular is also everything that has an average condition or does not reach excellence. Therefore, the term is used to indicate something moderately good: “He is a regular player, with little talent but quite athletic”, “In the interview it was regular, I don’t know if I’m going to get the job”, “The newspaper described the film as regular”.

In this sense, we can also point out that the term we are analyzing is frequently used in the field of teaching. Thus, on many occasions, teachers when they are in charge of correcting their students’ work or exercises use three marks: good, bad and fair. A note the latter with which it is expressed that the aforementioned exercise is in the middle between the other two mentioned qualifications.

In the same way, regular is a concept that is used equally in the military or military field. In this sense, we can state that the regulars are those Moroccan soldiers who are part of the ranks of the bodies that belong to what was the former protectorate of that country.

However, the infantry army units that are located in the two autonomous cities that exist in Spain are also known by the name of regulars. We are referring to Ceuta and Melilla.

Likewise, within this same area, we must emphasize that the term analyzed is also linked to another to give a name to one of the steps carried out by the various military bodies. It is the regular pace that is characterized by being slow.

For the geometry, a regular polygon is one that has both its sides and the angles identical to each other, while a regular polyhedron is one that has angles and faces of identical characteristics.