Refuge It is a concept that has its etymological root in the Latin word refuge. It may be the space Or the building which enables take refuge (take shelter, shelter). For example: “When the storm broke, we had to find shelter to protect ourselves”, “The explorer built a shelter with branches, stones and leaves and spent more than ten days there”, “My bedroom is my refuge: in it I dedicate myself to reading, listening to music and reflecting”.

RefugeA mountain hut It is a structure built on a summit or at a high altitude to provide shelter to mountaineers. Its purpose is to serve as protection when the weather conditions make it impossible to continue with the tour of the mountain.

Typically, a mountain hut has a small kitchen, bathroom, and beds. They also have a team of radio to establish communications and an electric power generator.

The animal sheltersOn the other hand, they are places where animals that have been abandoned or have no owner are cared for. The usual thing is that they take in dogs or cats and that, while they are fed and cared for, they try to find a person responsible for adopting them.

In recent years, given the greater awareness that has been generated in favor of the need to care for and respect animals, the number of shelters that are responsible for collecting them and finding them a home in which to grow up has increased. Currently in these spaces there is the possibility of adopting pets as well as having them in foster care until they find a definitive house in which to live.

It is known as air-raid shelter to the space built to protect citizens and / or soldiers from possible bombardments carried out by air. These are structures of great endurance before the impacts.

In Spain, in the last decades work has been carried out to recover the air-raid shelters that performed a fundamental task during the Civil War, since they saved thousands of lives, in order to make them known, put them in value, include them in the architectural heritage and of the cities and even give them a new cultural use.

In Alicante, for example, the shelter located in Plaza Seneca has been reopened so that it can be visited by those who wish, and the Interpretation Center on Air Raid Shelters has also been created. In this last space, through panels and other similar resources, an attempt is made to show the important role that these spaces played during the aforementioned contest.

In Madrid, Barcelona or Almería there are also shelters in good condition. However, the one located in the Cordovan town of Villanueva de Córdoba stands out, which is considered one of the best preserved in the whole country. Its special brick arches and the use of granite are two of the peculiarities of this space, which has become a great cultural center where workshops and conferences are held, including exhibitions of all kinds.

In the broadest sense, finally, refuge is the protection or help that is requested or offered: “After the fire, my girlfriend gave me shelter in her house”, “Don’t worry: if you fight with your husband, I’ll give you refuge in my home”.