Refoundation is he process and consequence of modifying something substantially to make it adapt to today or to serve for a target different from the original. It is, therefore, about founding something anew.

RefoundationKeep in mind that founding is build, constitute, establish or institute something. What is done with the re-foundation is to modify the essence or the pillars of that which had been founded.

For instance: “A group of young people demanded the re-founding of the party, dissatisfied with the authorities who have remained in their positions for more than twenty years”, “The Brazilian president asked for the re-founding of Mercosur, considering that the bloc is not meeting its objectives”, “The re-founding of the team must begin with a strong work in the training divisions”.

At the political level, we can underline the existence of the Communist Refoundation Party. It is an Italian party that was launched in 1991, as a result of the fact that the country’s Communist Party was divided into two: the Democratic Party of the Left, led by Achille Occhetto, and the one mentioned in First, which at the beginning had Armando Cossutta as the visible head.

The objective of being created was none other than to ensure that an autonomous communist-style force was produced in that nation. Its current general secretary is Paolo Ferrero and the formation is defined by being a Eurocommunist, anti-capitalist, secularist, eco-socialist and also a 21st century socialist.

In the case of Spain, we cannot forget that its left-wing parties were also recently affected by a re-foundation. Specifically, this occurred within the Izquierda Unida (IU) group in 2008, after one of its most relevant figures, Julio Anguita from Cordoba, established that it was necessary to give a new direction to the party, to face the future challenges and contribute to having a more notable presence.

Based on these declarations and various congresses, this refoundation was concluded, which was manifested by electing a new federal coordinator, Cayo Lara, who did not hesitate to integrate a group of people who came from different sectors of the country for his work. party to end what, he considered, internal struggles within the formation.

A non-governmental organization can be re-founded when the context in which it carried out its work changes. Take the case of an entity that emerged to provide assistance to children in a rural community, offering them school support and feeding them. Over time, those responsible for the NGO They warn that many of the children’s parents were left without jobs, worsening the social situation of the town. Finally the re-founding the organization, which also happens to provide help to adults through free job training courses, financial aid for the development of productive enterprises, etc.

The re-founding of a club, on the other hand, it can imply the abandonment of professional sports to reinforce social and recreational work. Instead of investing in hiring professional athletes, the budget is used to improve the infrastructure of the club used by partners.