The reflexology is the discipline that promotes the treatment of various conditions through massages on the hands or feet. According to this doctrine, the massages that are applied in certain points of the body cause a reflection in other body regions, allowing relief from discomfort.

ReflexologyThis means that, according to reflexology, headache and gastritis can be treated, to name two ailments, without coming into contact with the head or the stomach. Just by performing massages At the appropriate points on the feet or hands, the therapeutic action will reach the affected area.

The origin of reflexology is considered to be in the year 2,300 BC, since at that time it is known that foot massages were used to be able to deal with certain ailments. However, the modern discipline is based on studies, work and research undertaken about 125 years ago.

Reflexology is based on postulates similar to those of the acupuncture. Its promoters believe that the Body is crossed by meridians that divide it into different regions. Each of these regions has its reflection in the feet or in the hands. In some cases, the reflexes are also believed to be in the nose And in the ears.

Through the aforementioned meridians, according to reflexologists, an energy circulates known as chi or who. This energy must flow naturally: when that does not happen, a disease or other health problem. Through reflexology, key points are massaged that allow the reactivation of the flow of chi in those regions of the body in which there was some type of blockage or inconvenience.

Those who carry out this technique and those who periodically go to it to undergo massages, consider that it brings with it a significant number of benefits, such as those shown below:
-It manages to considerably reduce the pain suffered in the body.
-Allows the person to reduce and even end their stress and anxiety problems.
-It is also determined that it contributes to improving blood circulation.
-In the same way, it is believed to be a great alternative to end depression pictures.
-There are people who say that they trust reflexotherapy because it is the tool that has helped them to improve in a general way the different health problems they had.
-The experts in this technique also affirm that attending sessions of the same is a way to be able to recover much better and faster from any surgical intervention. Specifically, it is established that using it will avoid having to take numerous medications to alleviate the pain that may be felt.
-It is also considered that it can help to cope with problems such as diabetes, hypertension and even cholesterol.

It should be noted that the medicine does not endorse reflexology as there is no scientific evidence to show its effectiveness. That is why doctors believe that its potential benefits are the result of the so-called Placebo effect.