In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the term reduction is found. Specifically, in that language we find the word from which it emanates: “reductio”. This is composed of three clearly delimited parts:
• The prefix “re”, which indicates “backwards”.
• The verb “ducere”, which can be translated as “lead”.
• The suffix “-cion”, which is equivalent to “action and effect”.

The action and effect of reducing or reducing receives the name of reduction. The verb reduce, meanwhile, refers to returning something to the condition that it had previously or to narrow, girdle, diminish or lessen something.

ReductionFor example: “The candidate announced that, if elected, he will push for a tax cut”, “Achieving a reduction in the level of waste is essential to improve the situation of biodiversity”, “With the reduction of the width of the avenue, there will be new traffic problems”.

The reduction may be linked to a physical narrowing or one symbolic decrease. If we talk about the reduction of the forest area worldwide, it is a phenomenon with physical sustenance (there are fewer trees than in ancient times). In contrast, reducing the corruption it is somewhat more abstract, even though it is based on factual facts (fewer officials processed, fewer complaints, etc.).

Within the medical field, the term reduction is also used. In his case, it is used to give a name to an intervention that has gained special prominence in recent years. We are referring to stomach reduction, which can be carried out through what has become known as primary surgery for endoluminal obesity.

Reducing the level of obesity of a person is what is achieved by starting this treatment that has a remarkable series of advantages, compared to other proposals that also exist in this regard. Specifically, those who undergo it will suffer less pain, will see the possibility of infections of any kind reduced to a minimum, patients will recover much faster and it must also be clear that no external symptoms will be left out. type of scar.

On the other hand, in the field of Mathematics we talk about the reduction method, which is used to be able to proceed to solve what are systems that have two equations and that also have what are two unknowns.

In the field of gastronomy, reduction is a procedure that allows thicken or concentrate a liquid substance through the boiling or evaporation. Reducing allows a broth or sauce to have a more concentrated flavor by reducing the volume of the liquid: “We are going to cook the chicken in a reduction of white wine and spices”, “The reduction of the consommé will take us about five minutes”.

A Indian reductionFinally, it was a population nucleus in which the natives were resettled in the American territory during the Spanish conquest.