Redox is the name given to a chemical type reaction which involves the transfer of electrons between different reactants, which leads to a modification of the state of oxidation. In these reactions, one element loses electrons and the other receives them.

The term redox refers to the REDuction-OXidation that occurs within the framework of the reaction. There is an element that accepts the electrons that releases the other and that is reduced when there is a minimization of its oxidation state. The element that is responsible for the release of electrons, for its part, oxidizes. While the element that gains electrons is known as oxidizing agent, the element that frees them is called reducing agent.

Reduction and oxidation reaction

A redox reaction involves the transfer of electrons.

A combination of processes

The redox reaction, in short, it is a combination between a reduction process (an element captures electrons and reduces its oxidation state) and a oxidation process (An element releases electrons and increases its oxidation state).

These two processes are actually two simultaneous facets of reduction, which are always carried out together. Every time there is an element that is oxidized by releasing electrons, there is another that accepts them and is reduced.

Redox reaction in a swimming pool

Within the field of swimming pools, the concept that concerns us of Redox has acquired value in a special way in recent years. And it is that in them this becomes a fundamental part when it comes to ensuring that these facilities have the so-called saline chlorination. Specifically, it is used for those that have it, that is, salt water, and need to have an adequate state of the water so that bathers do not run any type of risk.

Thus, it is said that the Redox values ​​are used to keep under control the different chemical processes that have in the water as well as to measure them and verify that they adjust to the parameters that are necessary for the safety of those who use the pools.


With a redox reaction, there is a change in the oxidation state of the elements.

Of this type of value, it is worth knowing the following data:

-Its electrode is similar to that of the PH with the exception that noble metals are used in its measurement, because they do not interfere in any way with the chemical reaction that will be taking place in the pool.
-Indicates if the water in said aquatic facility tends to accept or lose electrons.
-It is calculated that the aforementioned water in the pool in question is disinfected and is appropriate if its Redox potential ranges between 650 and 750 minivolts (mV). If it does not comply with this measure, it will be necessary to proceed to solve it through the corresponding use of products and chemical actions.

The concept in the industry

Knowledge of redox reactions is very useful in different sectors of industry. By encouraging or inhibiting these processes, according to need, they can generate products that arise after the reduction of an element.

You can even act on the corrosion that certain materials experience when oxidizing. That is why the notion is of great importance in the industrial field.