RedoubtRedoubt is a notion whose etymological roots lead us to reductus, a word that belongs to the Latin language and that can be translated as “retired, separated.” The original meaning of the term, according to what is stipulated in the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) through its dictionary, refers to the shelter or fortification which takes place in a military context to protect the forces.

Redoubts, in this sense, can be temporary or permanent. Have parapets that protect sidewalks (steps made of stone or earth), from where soldiers can shoot without putting themselves in risk.

The term parapet, on the other hand, can refer to an embankment (that is, a slope created with earth) of little extension that is used in the military field to defend soldiers from enemy attacks. In its origins, the parapet was built in stone and perforated with loopholes (a narrow and deep opening that is made vertically in defensive walls so that the arrows of those who take refuge in them can pass), although the earth has proven to resist cannon balls more effectively, which is why it became the material favorite.

It is important to note that the construction of a redoubt varies depending on the duration that each army wishes to give it; For example, since a redoubt can be temporary or permanent, the materials and finish of each of its structures it will not be the same in every case, especially if its creation takes place in the middle of a battle as part of a strategy.

Regarding your aspects and its dimensions, there is a great variety, partly for the reasons just mentioned but also for the functionality they want to give it. They generally consist of three or more sides and, as explained above, parapets and sidewalks.

In general, the redoubts are built in the approaches, in the returns of the moat and the trench, and in the bypass lines. Aproche, on the other hand, is of great importance in this context, since it is the general term that is attributed to any work carried out by a troop when it takes a square to approach it, and this includes the trenches, the shoulders, the shoes and the batteries.

RedoubtThe word approche can also be used as a synonym for the terrain that must be traveled to reach the enemy and be able to attack him, which is why it is usually adjective with words such as well defended, easy or impracticable, for example.

A security redoubt It is one that a troop builds inside a larger one or in the middle of a fort that it wishes to protect especially and that can serve as a resource if it becomes necessary to leave the main position.

Beyond this military concept, the idea of ​​a redoubt is used in colloquial language to refer to the protected or sheltered place. A redoubt can also be the site that, for various reasons, only certain accesses people.

For example: “This neighborhood has become a stronghold of drug traffickers and criminals”, “Miguel’s bar is the last stronghold in the city to drink a good vermouth”, “The team suffered the first defeat of the season in their redoubt, snapping an unbeaten streak of eight games”.

Take the case of a bar where young goths and the urban tribe known as emo tend to meet. There they can hear the music that they like and share topics of common interest. In this way, it can be said that the bar in question is a gothic or emo redoubt.

It can also be considered as a redoubt to the stadium of a team of football. In this sense, it can be indicated that the stronghold of the FC Barcelona is he Camp Nou, while the redoubt of Real Madrid is he Santiago Bernabeu.