A play is a recreational activity where one or more participants intervene. Its main function is provide fun and entertainment to the players. In any case, games can fulfill an educational role, help mental and physical stimulation, and contribute to the development of practical and psychological skills.


Recreational games are aimed at fun.

Characteristics of recreational games

Games generally involve a certain degree of competence. In the case of recreational games, the competitive value is minimized (it is not important who wins and who loses; the essential is the recreational aspect of the activity). Therefore, recreational games they do not suppose productivity and they should never be mandatory for the participants.

As a purely recreational activity, therefore, the games should be played freely, in a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere. Its purpose is generate satisfaction to the players and release the tensions of everyday life. In recreational games you should not expect a result final, but are specified by the simple taste of the activity carried out.

Recreational games can be held outdoors or indoors, in open fields or in designated areas. Each game can be defined according to the objective that his players try to reach or by the Set of rules that determine what these players can do as part of recreation.

Differences from sports

Recreational games differ from sports in the competitive desire of the latter, where the ultimate goal is to achieve victory. In other words, sport is a competition that always yields a result.

This is not to say that recreational games do not have victory as their objective, but that it is not the most important. We must not ignore the great influence that the game has on our formation as social human beings: among other things, it helps us to get closer to others, to learn to relate through rules of respect, to judge our actions and to learn from our own mistakes.


Hopscotch is one of the most popular recreational games.

Examples of recreational games

One of the most popular recreational games worldwide is hideout, which among other names is also known as the hidden one. Its rules are quite simple: a person must close his eyes and wait a while until his companions (at least two) hide, counting up to a number previously determined by all; then you must start look for them. As soon as he finds one of them he must run back to where he started, usually touching the wall or the point where he had leaned while waiting to save himself.

Another well-known recreational game is capture the Flag, which is usually played between many people. The first step is to divide into two camps, each of which is assigned a territory and a flag, usually in different colors so that it is easy to distinguish between them. The goal is to infiltrate the territory enemy to steal their flag and bring it to their own. Enemies can also be captured and ‘sent to jail’ by touching them; their companions can release them in the same way.

The hopscotch It is also widely popular in various parts of the world, and has the peculiarity of requiring prior work to prepare the playing field. Before playing, a numbered grid must be drawn on the ground, for which white or multi-colored chalk is usually used. Next, the only necessary element is a small rock or an object that can be thrown on the numbers. The rules include jumping one and both legs alternately to step on all the squares, as well as taking and re-throwing the rock; if this does not fall in the suitable number, the turn is lost.