Recomposition is he act and result of recomposing. The verb mend, meanwhile, refers to compose again (to fix, order or adjust).

RecompositionThe idea of ​​recomposition is often used with respect to repair or restore something. It is common to talk about salary recomposition to refer to an increase in salary that points to the workers regain purchasing power lost to inflation.

Suppose the basic salary of an employee in the commercial sector is 20,000 pesos per month. This figure has remained unchanged for two years, when in that period there was a inflation accumulated from 80%. When negotiating a salary recomposition, workers seek, at least, to regain the purchasing power they had before the inflationary crisis. A salary recomposition is not the same as a real increase: in the second case there is progress or advance, while in the first it is about reversing or minimizing losses or setback.

The concept of body recomposition, on the other hand, refers to the process that leads to the loss of body fat and, simultaneously, to gain muscle mass. This is possible thanks to the combination of a healthy diet, the development of a training routine and the break that is needed to benefit the body.

The concept of recomposition of body It is used in the field of fitness and physical preparation. The objective is for the person to put aside a certain imbalance and reach an optimal or adequate physical state.