The Latin word fear came to our tongue What reckless. It is an adjective that allows qualifying the person whose conduct is very reckless and therefore carries risks. Acts of this kind are also known as reckless.

RecklessFor instance: “In a reckless action, the young man threw himself into the sea from the boat to try to recover the ball that had fallen”, “I am not a reckless man: I always prefer to act with caution to avoid later problems”, “Keep in mind that reckless decisions never bring positive results”.

A reckless individual is one who does not pay attention to danger and that, therefore, it acts in a way that could be described as irrational. A human being, in theory, should worry about risks and act accordingly from this awareness: if he does not do so, he may be defined as reckless.

A subject who decides to walk balancing on a rope located a hundred meters high, without any type of restraint or protection, is someone reckless. In some cases, reckless action puts the integrity of others at risk persons (like a motorist who decides to drive down an avenue blindfolded).

In the same way, we cannot ignore that “Reckless” is also the title of a series of fantastic novels made by the American writer Naomi Novik (1973). A total of eight books are the ones that shape this series, which has aroused great interest in the film director Peter Jackson who has stated that he intends to bring it to the big screen. Specifically, the stories that compose it are these:
“Her Majesty’s Dragon” (2006), which won the Compton Crook Award and places its plot in a warlike conflict where the human being resorts to the use of dragons as if they were weapons.
– “The Jade Throne” (2006).
– “The Gunpowder War” (2006).
– “The ivory empire” (2007).
– “Victory of Eagles” (2008).
– “Tongues of Serpents” (2010).
– “Crucible of Gold” (2012).
– “Blood of Tyrants” (2013).

There is also a film that is also entitled “The Daredevil”. It was released in 1931 and is directed by Irving Cummings. George O’Brien, Sally Eilers or Rita La Roy are the actors who lead the cast of this American feature film of the western genre that revolves around the figure of Tony Bard, a man who discovers that his father has been murdered and seeks revenge. For this reason, he travels to the west to meet a rancher who may be able to give him some clue, what he does not expect is that, in addition to information, he will meet a beautiful woman who will steal his heart.

That which is done or expressed without arguments, reasons or evidence is also defined as reckless: “The opposition candidate made a reckless announcement: he assured that, if he reaches the government, he will lower taxes, something that is absolutely impractical”, “Why do you insist on making such rash judgments? It is better to reflect before jumping to conclusions … “.