Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term recidivism, it is necessary that we proceed to determine its etymological origin. In this sense, we can state that it derives from Latin, since it is the result of the sum of two components of that language:
-The prefix “re”, which is used to indicate repetition or again.
-The verb “incidere”, which can be translated as “repeat”.

It is called recidivism to repetition of a a certain vice, mistake or slip. The concept is often used in the field of right with reference to the fact commit the same kind of crime two or more times.

RecidivismRecidivism, in this sense, is considered as a aggravating when condemning a person. That is to say: someone who, at the time, was convicted of a certain crime and then relapses, receives a more serious sentence the second time.

Recidivism, in short, consists of reiterating a guilt. At the legal level, it began to be taken as an aggravating factor in liability in the first decades of the XIX century. Before, only responsibility was taken into account in crimes committed against property.

If we focus on the legal, only those who, previously, were convicted of some kind can fall into recidivism. crime. Recidivism implies that the person has criminal record.

It is considered that any person who commits a recidivism in the crime for which he was already convicted and sentenced, can do so for different and varied reasons, such as these:
-For social reasons, since he lives in a marginal environment where values ​​and morals are conspicuous by their absence and where crime is the dominant note. These situations that lead him to make the same mistakes again.
-For family reasons. This refers to the fact that many offenders reoffend because they live in unstructured, marginal families, with serious drug addiction problems, with examples of parents who have also been or are in prison … However, sometimes the fact of living In the heart of families without resources it is the one that leads them to commit robberies and robberies again as a way to survive.
-By personal factors. It should not be overlooked that there are also individuals who fall into recidivism of a crime due to their own personality. Thus, there are those who do it because they need to live on the edge and are rebellious or violent, there are those who repeat mistakes because they have mental problems …

At present it is often considered that recidivism is a reflection of the malfunction of the penal system. A high percentage of crimes are usually committed by individuals who have already been convicted and who spent a certain time in prison. The fact that many people fall into recidivism reveals the uselessness of prisons to reform people and to ensure that they can reintegrate effectively into the community. society and the legal framework.

In the context of medicine, on the other hand, is known as relapsing fever to an infectious disease characterized by a recurrent increase in body temperature.