The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not include the term re-evaluation, but the word revaluation. However, organizations like the Urgent Spanish Foundation (Founded BBVA) argue that reevaluation is a correct notion that is already composed according to the rules of formation of our language.

Re-evaluationIs that reassessment refers to process and result of re-evaluating something (that is, to re-evaluate it). If we decide to stay only with what is specified in the dictionary of the RAEIn any case, we must use the term revaluation.

A revaluation or reassessment, in short, consists of carrying out a new evaluation of something that had already been evaluated before. For example: “The reevaluation of the situation led us to backtrack with the measure: we have decided that the cultural center remains open”, “I did not pass the last exam because that day I did not feel very well, but the teacher offered me a re-evaluation so that I can demonstrate my knowledge”, “There will be no reassessment as we have thought the matter over carefully and it is not necessary to return to the same thing”.

Within the field of health and psychology, we would have to state that there is what is called cognitive reappraisal. This comes to be a psychological technique that is used when there is a problem or setback in the life of any person.

It basically consists of analyzing the conflict from different perspectives, re-studying its origin and the steps that have been taken with respect to it so far and trying to check if there is any type of factor that has not been taken into account. In particular, this is a measure that is considered to be used in particular by people who face and face the obstacles that appear in their way.

Psychologists consider that this type of reassessment is very positive for any individual, when it comes to knowing himself better and facing life. Therefore, those who want to use it in their day to day establish a series of tips to achieve it. Specifically, they give them recommendations such as the following:
-It is important that they are clear that emotions are part of the human being, that they must not be hidden or repressed and that they must be assumed and lived with total freedom, without restrictions of any kind.
-You always have to reflect on the steps that have been taken until you reach the specific point where you are. And that will mean seeing if mistakes have been made, how the problem can be solved, and what ways other people would use to end it.

A reevaluation may also refer to the increase in the value of a currency. In this sense, reassessment is the opposite of devaluation (the loss of value of one currency against another or others).

When a currency its value increases in relation to another, changing the exchange rate, the currency that rose will have been revalued. Suppose that, at a certain point, one pound sterling can buy two euros. Two weeks later, a single pound sterling allows you to buy three euros. In that period, therefore, the pound sterling will have been the protagonist of a revaluation.