Light rayThe Latin word radius became lightning, the term of our language that is used to name the line originated in the place where a type of energy is produced and that extends with sense to the direction in which it propagates.

Light, on the other hand, is a concept that derives from lux. Its about agent of physical type that allows the visibility of the bodies. The current of electricity and the clarity radiated by something are also called light.

A light ray, therefore, it is a line which has the same sense of propagation as light. At the graphic or symbolic level, a stripe which represents how the luminosity spreads.

It can be said that the ray of light is a theoretical construction to refer to the path made by light energy. Due to certain physical phenomena that can develop, the notion may lack logic in some contexts.

The rays of light, in short, are the lines that are part of a light beam. The light beam, for its part, is the set of those rays that share a certain origin and whose propagation takes place without dispersion. Of oneself pointThus, multiple light rays emerge that make up a beam of light.

The concept of a ray of light can be analyzed from various points of view, with different ways of understanding it, such as the following three:

* physical optics: is the branch of physics that considers light a wave and it gives an explanation to certain phenomena that would not be possible if it were understood as lightning. For example, the diffraction (the ability to change direction that waves present when they meet certain obstacles, something that a ray could not do since it does not have this property of the wave) and Polarization (a property that produces, for example, the effect of eliminating glare, when one or more of the various planes in which the light waves vibrate prevent them from passing);

Light ray* geometric optics: in the field of physics, optics Geometry relies on the laws of refraction and reflection of Snellius, a Dutch mathematician and astronomer of the 16th century, to obtain the formulas that represent the concepts of diopter, lens and Mirrors. This branch takes advantage of the light beam concept and aims to provide the governing laws of the most common optical instruments;

* twilight theory: is based on the idea that light is composed of corpuscles, material particles emitted by bodies in which light is reflected at high speed. Based on this theory It is possible to affirm that light is reflected, refracted and that it presents a rectilinear movement, for example.

Symbolically, the idea of ​​a ray of light is used to speak of something that appears suddenly and what modifies positively a reality: “Meeting you was a ray of light in my life”, “The priest’s words were a ray of light at that time”.

Since the bad moments, the difficult stages of life, are considered paths that we travel in the darkness, without knowing where to go, it is logical that any advice or help in such a situation is equivalent to a ray of light, since gives us back clarity and allows us to walk with determination once again. Although it is expected that loved ones will give us this opportunity, many times we find it in strangers or in those who we believed did not care about us.