The term rave is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). It is, however, a frequently used concept to refer to a some kind of party.

RaveA rave is a electronic music event which usually lasts throughout the night. While a DJ is in charge of selecting and passing the music, the assistants dance. It is common for there to be games of lights that accompany the rhythm of the music, creating a very particular atmosphere.

Beyond the strictly musical, there are various phenomena and behaviors that are often associated with raves. On many occasions, the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs it is present in this type of event, leading to an association between electronic music and narcotics.

Of course, associations of this type are prejudicial and do not constitute absolute truths. There are many raves in which they are not consumed drugs. In any case, it cannot be denied that there is usually a link between this kind of party and the consumption of certain specific drugs, such as ecstasy and other amphetamines, as well as reggae music is associated with the marijuana.

It must also be taken into account that many of these raves are classified as illegal, since they take place in abandoned spaces, as a general rule, and without having any type of license or security measures. A situation that, therefore, involves a lot of danger.

To all this we should add another series of characteristics about the aforementioned rave parties:
-They usually last a minimum of twelve hours.
-They take place in places that are far from the cities.
-In London was where it is considered that this type of celebrations began to be launched and from there they have been spreading throughout Europe and other corners of the planet.
-If they have managed to become a proposal that dazzles the youngest, it is because they are attracted to the fact that they are illegal, because they reach all kinds of drugs, because it allows them to enjoy music that they like and that is not commercial and because , above all, they are very economical.

These issues aside, raves are seen as great shows that can have significant cultural significance. There are DJs who are true international figures, capable of bringing together thousands of persons at a rave. In this sense, even when it comes to different issues, a parallel can be drawn between a rave and a rock concert or other musical show.

Precisely from the creation of the term rave to refer to this type of party, the concept of rave music has emerged. Under this name there are different genres of electronic music that are thought to be heard and danced in the aforementioned celebrations. Specifically, these are songs that are very fast and can include elements such as loops or even samples.

To all this we must add that, at least at first, this music came to be a perfect mix between techno, breakbeat or acid house.