Rating it is a term with several uses. The most frequent refers to the amount of persons that you are watching a television program or listening to a radio program. The higher the rating, the more people consuming the media in question.

RatingFor instance: “The premiere of the film reached a historical rating”, “The new comedy show was lifted due to low ratings”, “I’m not interested in the rating: my intention is to make a program that makes me feel proud of its quality”.

The rating is very important for the television industry since it is linked to the sale of advertising. Companies want to advertise their products in the most watched programs: therefore, they analyze the rating to find out how many people watch each program. If a program has a high rating, there will be more companies interested in advertising in their advertising runs. Thus, the cost of advertising per second rises.

In general, the rating is measured in points representing a certain number of viewers. If it is stated that a rating point equals 100,000 people, that program that has 8 rating points is seen by 800,000 people. There are various techniques to measure the number of viewers, from devices that are installed in the television to telephone surveys.

In Spain the term rating is used interchangeably with what is the audience index. It should be noted that this is considered to be one of the countries where it is measured the most and best, thanks not only to specialized companies with great experience but also to the fact that there are effective results given by devices that respond to the name of audimeters. . These are distributed by numerous homes in the Spanish geography and their objective is to measure the aforementioned audiences.

Its results are very accurate and precise, giving as a result that the programs with the highest rating and share are the football broadcasts, both of the Spanish national team and the teams of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, and also certain programs such as the reality show “Big Brother “, The entertainment space” El Hormiguero “or the heart program” Sálvame “. All this without overlooking that, in the same way, national series such as “The Prince”, “Plastic Sea”, “Vis a vis” or “Under suspicion” have a spectacular success.

It is known as rating agency or rating agency, on the other hand, to firms that are dedicated to qualify financial assets or products based on solvency and risks of default. A bond that issues a StateIn this sense, it can be classified according to the estimated possibility of payment of the country in question.

In addition to all the above, we can also highlight the existence of different companies specialized in this type of rating that concerns us. This would be the case, for example, of the Fitch Ratings Spain entity, which has offices in various corners of the world and which is responsible not only for reporting and providing analysis but also for establishing independent credit opinions based on what are future prospects.