Rapture, with etymological origin in Latin raptus, is a term with several uses. It may be the snatch or alienation leading to a person to act from impulsive or irrational manner at a certain time. For instance: “In a fit of madness, the man took a revolver and began to shoot, wounding five people”, “The bed was unmade after a rapture of passion that seized the young couple”, “The boss had a fit of kindness and let us leave earlier”.

RaptureThe concept of rapture is also used to refer to the action that consists of to kidnap to an individual with the objective, generally, of demanding a ransom for his release. The kidnapping consists of the illegitimate deprivation of the freedom of another person, appealing to the use of the violence Or the intimidation: “They suspect that the missing businessman was the victim of a kidnapping”, “The Church expressed its concern about the abduction of women who are forced into prostitution”, “A man kidnapped his three-year-old daughter and took her abroad”.

The abduction can be carried out with the purpose of sexually abuse of the victim: “After the abduction, the woman was repeatedly raped by the captor”, “Child manages to avoid a kidnapping: the police suspect a serial rapist”.

Within the field of art, it should be noted that there are various works that revolve around the term in question. These are works that have become fundamental pieces of history, as would be the case, for example, of the sculpture entitled “The Abduction of the Sabine Women.”

The Italian sculptor Giovanni Da Bologna, who in Spain became known as Juan de Bolonia, is the author of this work, which is considered his masterpiece. It is dated in 1581, it was made in marble and it represents the mythological case of the abduction of the Sabine women by those who were the founders of Rome. And it is that when that city was set up by Romulus, there was the problem that there were very few women to be able to form families, so the Romans set their eyes on the Sabine women. However, given their refusal, they chose to kidnap them.

On the other hand, we cannot forget Gustave Moreau’s painting entitled “The Rape of Europe”. It is a watercolor painting from 1869 in which the artist represents the episode in mythology in which Zeus, falling in love with Europe and unable to get her love, makes the decision to transform himself into a beautiful white bull. An animal that captivated the girl, who did not hesitate to get on his back and that made Zeus run to the island of Crete, where he revealed his true personality and made her the first queen of the place.

At Catholicism, is called abduction or snatch at the moment in which Jesus I would return to the Land for raise to heaven to those who have been saved thanks to their union with God.