The rappelling, also know as rappel (with a check mark in the TO), is a technique which enables descend by a vertical wall. Through a harness, a rope and a descender, the person can descend safely, managing to avoid a cliff with relative ease.

RappellingThere are different types of rappelling, since this system It is used in mountaineering, caving and even in actions in the military field, to name a few possibilities. According to the type of vertical surface and height, the equipment to be used varies.

At a general level, it can be said that the person If you want to rappel you need a harness, a descender, a rope, a safety line and a carabiner that has a lock, as well as gloves to avoid injuring your hands and a helmet in case you fall rocks or hit the wall (or, in the event of an accident, against the ground).

The individual shall push forward against the wall to go down little by little, making use of the system that will allow such descent. There are systems that are individual and others, collective (with several people descending simultaneously).

Once the decision to abseil or abseil has been made, it is important that the person in question follow a series of advice from professionals in this sport, among which are these:
-In addition to having all the aforementioned materials necessary, to practice this sport and to ensure safety, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that offers freedom of movement at all times.
-Who have long hair should pick it up to prevent it from catching on a device or on the wall, which could cause them not a jerk but great damage.
-The harness used must be perfectly tight, it must be in good condition and must be adjusted without choking.
-It is advisable that the rope that is used always has some device that can prevent the chafing with the words ending up damaging it or directly cutting it.
-You must never practice this sport alone. It should always be carried out together with one or more people to avoid that any small accident can be catastrophic. And it is that if you go unaccompanied nothing will be able to help you.
-All the elements that are used must be properly approved, since it is the only way to have the highest possible security.
-The backpack carried on the back should not weigh too much, to avoid losing balance and destabilizing the person at all times.

In the field of marketing, it is known as abseiling a discount that is granted to the consumer who, during an already established period, reaches a certain level of consumption. The usual thing is that, with greater consumption, greater discounts are granted.

This system encourages consumers to spend more to access a greater benefit. A company can establish that those who spend between 1,000 and 3,000 pesos in a month, they have access to a discount of 10% on your future purchases. The abseil scale indicates that, if the person spends between 3,001 and 5,000 pesos, the discount that will be granted will be twenty%, while if you spend more than 5,001 pesos, you can enjoy a discount of 35%.