BoulevardThe notion of boulevard it has several uses. It may be the temporary torrent that occurs from the accumulation of the Water of rain. When rainfall is heavy, water can run through the bed known as rambla.

Starting with the construction of roads on the riverbed of ramblas, this term began to be used to name certain types of streets. On Spain, Ramblas are usually wide streets, with a platform in the middle. On Latin America, for its part, the boulevard or waterfront is the street that borders a coast.

On Uruguay, for example, there is the Rambla of Montevideo, an avenue that is next to the Silver river. With pedestrian sectors, this boulevard runs for more than twenty kilometers and allows access to Beaches well known as Malvin, Little and Carrasco.

Barcelona, for its part, has a very popular walk known as The Rambla. This path that joins the Catalonia Square with the old port is one of the main tourist attractions of the Catalan capital thanks to its restaurants, its bars and its shows street. It begins in the middle of important shopping centers, such as El Corte Inglés and FNAC, and ends in the well-known sculpture of Christopher Columbus.

Mar del Plata, a seaside resort of Argentina, has a promenade whose design was carried out by Alejandro Bustillo, a renowned architect. This promenade is made up of traditional buildings (such as the Central Casino), a square and a walk Shopping.

The Rambla de Mar del Plata is a very special path, which allows those who are enjoying the beach to access food and clothing stalls, among other options, without leaving the sea. Strolling through this peculiar street has been the custom of millions of Argentines and many regular tourists for decades. Among its main attractions are the various acts of street performers, including musical numbers, dramatizations, comedy shows and acrobatic demonstrations.

BoulevardThe life of the Rambla Mar del Plata does not go out with the sunset, but continues to burn and attract people until the last hours of the day, always with different proposals, difficult to reject for those who want to relax and forget the pressures of the city. everyday life that awaits you when your holidays.

In addition to shows, food and clothing items, the Rambla de Mar del Plata offers attractions for the little ones, such as electric trains that take them on short but exciting tours. For lovers of products sweets, there is nothing like churros in this maritime city, and the boulevard is an ideal point to find them.

In all cases, the promenade is always a space that attracts many people for a walk, since it allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful views in combination with certain activities more typical of the center urban, such as access to shops of various kinds and restaurants, always in a climate of leisure and relaxation.

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, the boulevard not only attracts locals to have a good time, but also represents a point of interest for tourists. In cities like Barcelona, ​​for example, where they converge cultures From all over the world, La Rambla is a place of great wealth, since there you can hear different languages, infinite colors and textures are mixed with a common goal: to have fun and enjoy the beauty and opportunities of the capital of the community autonomous region of Catalonia.

The RamblaFinally, it is a Spanish town that is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It has more than 7,000 inhabitants and it is only 41 kilometers of the town from Cordova.