RAID is a term that comes from English and can be used to name a certain raid or yet challenge. The concept is used in the sports field in reference to a competition of endurance, which implies traveling very long distances.

RAIDThe idea of adventure raid is used to name a race in which participants must combine different disciplines. An example of this test are those that include cycling, swimming, climbing and free running.

Currently there are various types of raid competitions. Specifically, we can say that these are the most common:
-Sprint, which lasts a maximum of six hours.
-12 hours, which, as its name suggests, takes place for no more than half a day.
-24 hours, which lasts a full day.
-Several days, which usually have a maximum duration of two whole days during which those who compete do not sleep or if they do it is for a very short time.
-Expedition. A minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 11 are those that this type of raid test lasts, which is a very tough competition for the participants.

People who make the decision to participate in a raid it is important that they first take into account a series of fundamental tips:
-They must choose the type of competition that best suits their qualities and abilities as well as their physical preparation, age and experience in these conflicts.
-They must have important notions in terms of survival, since, on some occasions, they will have to remain surviving on their own without receiving help of any kind.
-It is essential that they know how to handle and use both maps and compasses with absolute ease.
-Previously to the raid they must carry out optimal preparation, not only physically but also from a mental point of view, so as not to be affected by fatigue, problems that arise during the test or lack of sleep, for example.

It is known as equestrian raid, on the other hand, to the competition on horseback that requires crossing a very important distance in the same day. These careers require going through different kinds of land, implying a great challenge for the rider but especially for the horse.

A rally raidInstead, it is a motorsport or motorcycling competition that takes place in open terrain. The Dakar rally, formerly known as Paris-Dakar, is the proof most famous of its kind.

In a context military, a raid consists of entering hostile territory for a short period, with the aim of fulfilling a specific mission. The usual thing is that the raid is completed with a few people who, after fulfilling their objective, return to a safe area.

RAID It is also the name of a special unit of the policeman from France and of a computer system to store data in independent units that replicate and distribute the information.

RAIDFinally, it is the name of an acquaintance insecticide that occurs in Argentina.