The concept of radio frequency is used to name the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum that are used in radio communications. To understand this notion, therefore, it is necessary to have some knowledge about this theme.

Radio frequencyThe electromagnetic spectrum refers to how the Energy of the electromagnetic waves. This spectrum is determined by the radiation that is emitted. The waves, on the other hand, they suppose the propagation of this radiation, carrying energy.

This means that the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from radiation with the smallest wavelength (the gamma rays) to longer wavelength radiation (wavelength waves) radio). The frequency of the waves is measured in hertz.

Radiofrequency, in short, is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that ranges from 3 kilohertz until the 300 gigahertz. Are frequencies are used for military communications, navigation, radars and radio A.M and FM, to name a few possibilities.

Within the radio frequency it is also possible to establish different divisions according to the particularities of the frequencies. In this sense, one can speak from extremely low frequencies until extremely high frequencies, going through other types of frequencies in between.

Amplitude modulated radio (A.M), for example, transmits in medium frequency. Frequency modulated radio (FM), on the other hand, carries out its transmission in very high frequency. The different frequencies determine the range of the waves and the quality of the transmission, among other issues. The AM radiosIn this sense, they can reach older people with their signals. distances compared to FM radios.

It is important to know that, in recent years, radio frequency has expanded its “services” and now, in addition to continuing to be used within the field of telecommunications, it has come to occupy a fundamental role in the field of medicine.

Thus, for example, at the moment we speak of what is known as facial radiofrequency, which is a treatment that is carried out on the face in order to make any wrinkles that may exist in it disappear. Specifically, it is a lifting that consists of applying radio frequency energy to the face, with the clear objective that the resulting elevated temperature of 40º is capable of improving the immediate production of collagen and also favors elastin.

The result of this action is that, practically immediately, the person not only realizes that his wrinkles have disappeared or reduced to a minimum, but also that the sagging of his face has been eliminated and thus he already looks much younger. and toned.

Of this type of radio frequency other data of interest are highlighted, such as these:
-It is a very safe treatment.
-It is called lifting without surgery, since it is not an invasive technique at all.
-The person who undergoes it does not have to be anesthetized.
-It can be applied on all skin types and on areas such as the neck and face, but also on the thighs and even on the abdomen.