PyrotechnicsThe pyrotechnics it’s a product designed to generate flashes, smoke, roars and other phenomena. The term is also used to name the technique that allows to create these products and to the factory destined to their elaboration.

For instance: “The party will conclude with a fireworks show”, “The government studies banning the use of pyrotechnics to prevent accidents”, “The American band brought to the country more than a ton of pyrotechnics to close their show”, “I recommend parents not to encourage the use of fireworks among children”.

The objective of pyrotechnics is that, when ignited, produce a explosive-type controlled reaction that generates an attractive result. Pyrotechnics, which can be known as Fireworks, is used in festivals, celebrations and events of different kinds. The intention is that people look up to the heaven and watch colored lights pops, sparks, etc.

There are different types of pyrotechnics, which are used for a playful purpose. The most powerful products are usually operated by professionals due to the risks involving. Other varieties, on the other hand, are sold to the general public. In many countries, people buy fireworks to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year.

However, it is important to bear in mind that handling fireworks is always risky. The explosive reactions they generate can cause anything from a minor skin burn to a fire or an explosion. This causes that, either by recklessness or by a accidentMany people end up in a hospital after pretending to hold a fireworks party.

PyrotechnicsDespite the terrible consequences that the use of pyrotechnics brings each year, especially during the month of December, the world continues to support this type of shows and, given the interests behind them, there is no indication that fireworks will soon disappear from human mores. On the contrary, the most important cities usually to compete to see who makes the most impressive display.

One of the cities that strives to impress with their fireworks displays is Dubai. In 2013, for example, it promised to offer the largest fireworks display in the world to receive the Year New, with the aim of becoming part of the Guinness Book of Records and taking the throne from Kuwait, which had achieved it a year earlier thanks to its celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of its constitution, in November.

Sidney is not far behind, and it also boasts the breathtaking views that its legendary opera house is a part of. Also in 2013 he announced that the pyrotechnics would be exhibited in two sessions: one for the whole family at 9:00 p.m. and the traditional one at 0:00 a.m. on the New Year. To keep those wishing to attend both events entertained, he put on a show in between.

A city that cannot be absent from the pyrotechnics competition is New York, where thousands of people congregate every year to see the famous shiny ball that announces the arrival of January 1, as well as the shows. musicals and the rain of paper with the wishes of the citizens.

It is worth mentioning that fireworks are usually accompanied by music, often looking for a synchronization that manages to give an image to the sounds. In addition, pyrotechnics at large events usually follow various thematicTherefore, it is not simply a matter of generating explosions at random: depending on the budget and the experience of the operators, through pyrotechnics, illusions comparable with holographic projections can be created.