The notion of professional is used in Mexico to allude to a professional: an individual who is dedicated to the exercise of his profession with efficiency Y ability. A professional, therefore, is someone who has the academic or technical knowledge necessary to carry out a certain task.

ProfessionalFor example: “According to a study, professionals receive an income that is 40% higher than what those who do not have studies earn”, “For me it is a pride to be the first professional in the family, an achievement that I achieved thanks to the support of my parents”, “New professionals have difficulties to enter the labor market”.

Professional Y professional are synonymous when the intention is to name the person who works with excellence thanks to their studies and / or experience. While both terms are invariable in terms of gender, they do change with respect to the number.

This means that expressions What “The professional is waiting for you in the meeting room” Y “The professional is waiting for you in the meeting room” they are correct. In the plural, the appropriate thing would be to indicate: “Professionals are waiting for you in the meeting room”, “The professionals are waiting for you in the meeting room”.

Usually the idea as a professional is linked to having a college degree. In any case, it is possible to appoint someone as a professional even if they have not attended or completed higher education. The central thing is that the subject is in a position to work with skill Y expertise, making a difference with the rest of the people.