The Greek word problems came to late Latin as problematĭcus, which in turn arrived in our language as troublesome. As an adjective, the term refers to what generate problems or brings inconvenience.

ProblematicFor example: “The relationship I had with Mirta was quite problematic from the beginning”, “Jacinto is a problematic young man, he is always fighting with his companions”, “The truth is that I had a problematic experience with this company”.

What nounMeanwhile, the idea of ​​problematic refers set of complications that are part of a certain matter. The concept allows encompass the challenges, conflicts and difficulties of something.

The social troubles, in this framework, are issues that affect a society and who demand a solution to improve the quality of life of its members. These are situations that threaten the development and well-being of a community or part of it.

The gender violence it is an example of social problems. This type of violence afflicts women and has multiple consequences: the most serious is death due to the action of men. Being a public issue, the solution of social problems is a responsibility of the Condition.

The idea of environmental Issues, on the other hand, is specifically associated with problems that threaten the environment. Deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and ocean pollution are some of the most serious environmental problems due to their effects and large-scale impact.